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LPW - Legal Research - First Class

No description

dana neacsu

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of LPW - Legal Research - First Class

Any luck? How do you analyze the results? Their source (URL). Their date. Their author. Content
translate the research question into research terms
Legal Research combines knowledge of the law & how legal information is published
Use Google Scholar and Library Catalogs to find scholarship. Use L/W/B to find practitioners' sources.
Google It! Give Google a Chance
Or let's find out if there is a method to it
1. Research skills:
Why secondary sources?
They explain the law (the answer!)

Which ones: research and scholarship resources

Use research tools to find scholarship/practitioner's tools;

Let's review preliminary assignment.

Dana Neacsu
Fall 2015
First Class
Not sure...
Why Are You Here? What do you mean?
What happens next?
: Dana can you help us finding the way to solve legal problems efficiently, in the fastest, most comprehensive and correct, and of course, less expensive way?

: What do you mean?

LPW - Legal Research
2. Once you decided on the secondary source, choose the format (print or digital)

3 . Find the answer (or build a path to find the answer)

Research plan!!!
Read the question:
What do you have to find?
Macro managing your research:
Micromanaging your research:
Search strategy: secondary sources are only the first step
Disneyland is worried that Dismaland, pop artist Banksy’s gloriously subversive theme park which opened Friday, August 21—in the seaside resort town of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England--is going to ruin Disney's message: believe in Hollywood.

Is Dismaland a copyright infringement of Disneyland?
Use secondary sources as only the first strategy to locate primary sources
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