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Out of The Dust

No description

Kareem Albasam

on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of Out of The Dust

in the area where the dust storms happened there was little rainfall, light soil, and high winds, and that was already bad enough destructive combination.Then when the drought happened during 1934 to 1937, the soil didn't have the roots to keep the soil down, so the winds picked up the soil and made dust storms
Out of The Dust
Letter to Mrs.Roosevelt
Birmingham Alb.
July 27, 1938
Dear Mrs.Roosevelt.
I'm writing you in regard of this W.P.A. work which my father works on.
He did make $36 per month but I think he will get a raise of $4.80 on the month
but he has five to support three children and I'm the oldest one fif-
teen years of age but to young to hold a job.I can't go to church or Sunday
school any more for the need of clothes .
Mother and daddy don't go either because their clothes are to bad.
If you have any clothes that you don't want mother can make them fit us
Please Mrs.Roosevelt don't mention this over the radio or the papers. My
school mates would nag me to death. But if you think it's false call or write.
Relief Headquarters Birmingham
Thanking you I am

This reveals that it was a hard time for people. People couldn't affords descent clothes to go to church with. They weren't getting enough money to support their families. People were desperate and shy to tell their friends.
Cited sources
Map of the Dust Bowl
This map shows in pink where places were damaged by dust storms and in brown where places were severely damaged during the dust bowl
These photos are moving to me because there is no exaggeration on how much dust there was and how rough life was. Dust piles up destroys houses, makes farming hard and is bad for people especially children.
Favorite Poem
They left a couple of weeks after the baby the baby was born,
everyone squished inside the rusty old truck.
I ran half a mile behind them to catch them.
I didn't want to let my brother go.
" Wait for me," I yelled,
I couldn't breath because of the dust that rose behind them.
But they didn't hear me.
They were heading west.
And no one was looking back.

February 1935
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