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niall highland

on 16 August 2010

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Transcript of Systems

Create a mind map for different examples of systems Government System Highway System Sewer System Human Systems
circulatory Ecosystem Solar System Educational System MIND MAP Should look like this... A Cell Phone Let's look at an example of a system you use everday.... Now go get yours! What are the different parts? Open it up! What does each part do? or... what are their roles? What is the purpose of this system? or.... what is its function? What is a system any ways? Systems a set of interacting parts working together to make a whole. systems have different parts or components Structure Behavior Interconnections Function Changes and effects What are the parts that make up the system? What are the individual part's jobs or roles in the system? The link between the parts The job or purpose of the whole system What are the effects when parts of the system change? What can happen when parts of human systems change? Super Humans Performance Task As a leading fitness coach you will perform test to discover the effects exercise has on different systems of your athletes' bodies. These findings will be presented to the head coach. Systems Unit Your Task
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