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LeBron James: Perseverance


Denzal Bridges

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of LeBron James: Perseverance

LeBron James: Perseverance The Man He Is Today Mr.leBron James is an NBA-ALL STAR, husband and father Before Mr.Lebron could become the great well-known man he is today, he had to persevere Early Years LeBron James didn't have his father in his life so life was hard especially since his mother was so young at the time. Only a man named Eddie Jackson was the man Mr.James considered as a father despite the fact that he was in and out of jail. They moved from apartment to apartment getting to know the toughest parts of parts of Cleveland. Prep. Career Mr.Lebron James went to St.Vincent-St.Mary High School. With his amazing skills as a basketball player, he lead his school and won the Division 3 State Title for 2 years in a row. He also won many awards incuding Mr.Basketball of Ohio. he was a great plyer in all his yaers of highschool and by the end his St.Vincent years, he was very famous. Professional Career Mr.LeBron James did not go to the NCAA. He forfeited that oppurtunity by being able to play in 3 post-season ALL-STAR games. However, he was drafted into the NBA in 2003 by Cleveland as First RND and First pick. Cleveland were very proud to have LeBron on there team and the Cleveland were very supportive (as you can see) Resoluton
Mr.LeBron James showed perseverance since he was a kid. Even without a dad he become won of the best basketball players in the NBA. Despite the fact that he and his mother was poor, he became a successful father and husband. He pushed himself in his years of highschool to become better every year. LeBron James was a perseverer all life. That's why I am proud to say that Mr.LeBron James is my favourite NBA player. That's why he will always be my hero...
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