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Copy of Copy of The Alchemist Timeline

No description

William Fung

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of The Alchemist Timeline

Timeline of The Alchemist
by Paul Coelho Created by William Fung Santiago is a lone shepherd from Andalusia, Spain who decides to spend the night at an abandoned church. He is traveling to Tarifa where he plans to sell wool from his sheep to a merchant and meet his girl of interest (the merchant's daughter). Reason for inclusion:
The book's beginning, readers are introduced to the main character, his personality, daily life and current goals (though small). A flashback occurs back to the time when Santiago confronts his father and explains that his wish was to travel rather than become a priest. Though initially hesitant, Santiago's father supports the decision and provides him with coins to purchase his flock. Reason for inclusion:
What started it all, how and why Santiago is where he is now (a shepherd). In Tarifa, Santiago meets an old gypsy women said to interpret dreams. He tells her of his dream where he (under the guidance of a child) journeys to the pyramids of Egypt and finds a hidden treasure. The old woman tells him to do just that and asks for one tenth of the treasure as payment. Reason for inclusion:
Reader's learn in detail of the unique dream Santiago has had, which eventually becomes his main objective to fulfill his personal legend. Santiago encounters an old man by the name of Melchizedek, the king of Salem. Melchizedek introduces him to the idea of omens and personal legends, how one's destiny is never fixed. He convinces Santiago to go search for the treasure, providing him with omen stones and advice. With the money Santiago earned from selling his flock, he prepares a journey to the pyramids. Reason for inclusion:
Melchizedek's persuasion is what gets Santiago going, to begin his quest to find the hidden treasure miles away. Santiago arrives at the port Tangier in Africa. He befriends a boy at a bar who warns him of the presence of thieves at the port. As they both go to the market district, Santiago becomes distracted and the other boy makes off with all his earnings leaving Santiago in a seemingly hopeless state. Reason for inclusion:
Essentially the first obstacle Santiago encounters upon starting his journey. He must now find a way to make some money or continuing his journey will be impossible. The following day, Santiago starts the morning aiding a candy seller with his stand. He then goes to a crystal store and ends up landing a job. Santiago believes the best decision now is to make enough money to buy his flock back and go back to the lifestyle he had. Reason for inclusion:
Santiago learns of how personal legends can vary from person to person, among other things from his time with the candy seller. He comes up with a solution (a job) to keep moving forward despite losing his possessions. Nearly a year's worth of time is spent working at the crystal shop and Santiago helps the business grow. The merchant tells him of his personal legend, to go to Mecca. Unlike Santiago however, the merchant has no plans to fulfill his legend. Having earned enough money now from the successful shop to resume his quest, Santiago eventually decides to go to Egypt thinking that there is nothing to lose. Reason for inclusion:
Santiago now possesses the money to continue pursuing the treasure and his time with the crystal merchant leads him to resume searching for it. As he crosses the Sahara Desert to Al-Fayoum, Egypt, he meets an Englishman searching for "The Alchemist" in order to learn the secrets of alchemy. He teaches Santiago of the Soul of the World, the language known by all. They learn of the nearby tribes which have begun to war, and pray for a safe arrival at the oasis. Reason for inclusion:
Reader's learn of the alchemist and his extraordinary powers and begin to predict how he will aid Santiago in finding the treasure. Upon reaching the oasis, Al-Fayoum, the Englishman goes to pursue his personal legend while Santiago tries to think of what to do next. Here he meets and truly falls in love with a girl Fatima and promises to come back to marry her once he has found the treasure.
One night, he interprets a sign that the oasis will be attacked and goes to inform the chieftains'. They are suspicious of Santiago, but the elder chief decides to trust his word however if he is wrong, he will be killed. Reason for inclusion:
Santiago finally meets the true woman of his dreams, and faces more obstacles impending his progress on finding the treasure (possibility of being killed by chieftains). Just after leaving the chieftain's tent, Santiago meets the Alchemist, who shows curiosity towards him. He tells him to find him again if he is not killed the next day. Santiago's foretelling is true as tribesmen invaded in the morning and the attack was prevented. Rejecting the position to be a counselor of the oasis, Santiago chooses to get tested by the alchemist, earning his guidance towards finding the hidden treasure. Reason for inclusion:
The alchemist deems Santiago as worthy and is willing to lend his aid and guide him to the Pyramids. The two begin their journey across the desert on horses. Along the way, Santiago through the help of the alchemist, gets closer with his heart and comes to fully understand it. This becomes a great asset as it knows the Soul of the World better than he does. Reason for inclusion:
By getting closer with his heart, he is a step closer to understanding the Soul of the World and the language of all things. Nearby tribesmen capture the two and bring them to their military camp. The alchemist asks for their freedom as long as Santiago can demonstrate the ability to turn into the wind; the chief accepts. Three days later, on top of a cliff, Santiago speaks through his heart and obtains the help from the desert, wind, sun and soul of god to make the simum blow and successfully become the wind. Reason for inclusion:
Santiago demonstrates his mastery over the Soul of the World by controlling the wind. He uses this to overcome the obstacle of being captured by the tribesmen. The alchemist and Santiago part ways at a Coptic church. Before doing so, he repays Santiago with a piece of gold showing that it is indeed possible to fulfill one's personal legend. Santiago alone successfully makes it to the Pyramids, however the treasure is nowhere to be found. Refugees rob him of his gold but one tells Santiago of a dream he had to dig underneath a sycamore at an abandoned church to find treasure. Now Santiago truly realizes where his treasure had been all along. Reason for inclusion:
Santiago completes his objective, he finally reaches the Pyramids and learns the true location of where the hidden treasure is to be found. Back at the church where he long ago spent the night, Santiago recovers the treasure full of precious stones, jewelry and more. He is overjoyed, and keeps his word to pay the gypsy woman a tenth of the treasure and to finally return to Fatima. Reason for inclusion:
The aftermath of fulfilling his personal legend. Santiago remains happy and looks forward to being able to be with Fatima having led a successful journey. Prologue PART 1 PART 2 Legend: Large distance travelled or time gap in between events Event is close in location and time to the previous Length reflective of the distance/time elapsed William Fung
Mr. Rehm
18 April 2013
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