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Journey of The Tv

No description

Louis Coppola

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Journey of The Tv

Journey of The Tv
About The Inventor
Philo Farnsworth invented the televison in 1927.
He was the first inventor to use a beam of electrons to transfer a photo onto a televison screen.
Mr. Farnsworth was the age of 21 when he brought his invention to life.
The TV wasnt always what it is today, it started off from a 5 by 12 inch black and white box.
Only had a few channels back then. CBS being one of them
The first president to be televised was Franklin D. Roosevelt.
How TV effects society
Television may affect fertility by providing information on family planning services or changing the value of women’s time.
Some viewers watch reality TV shows and start to take on the life style similar to the one they watch.
Future Plans for Televison
We have seen a lot of the televisons advancments already. This includes:
Apple tv
3-D tv
High Definition
Physical changes
New Physical changes society may see is having an actuall curved screen. Curving the screen with make it like IMAX theater screens. it will create better quailty and a better experience for the viewer.
History Of the TV
RCA " the company who dominated the radio buisness" at the time saw the bigger picture in this so called televison.
They bought $50 million dollars worth of electronical televisons.
Also they soon bought the license from Mr. Farnsworth to use his patents.
Positive Effects

Quicker and faster advertisment
The news is getting out to society a lot quicker as well.
Negative Effects
Bad eatting habbits develope
Straining of the eyes
To Conclude
The TV changed the way the world saw advertising, entertaining, and the spread of news since the day it was invented. Philo Farnsworth spectacular invention know as the television has had a very interesting history, affected the world more than Mr. Farnsworth could possibly anticipated, and has future plans that only one can imagine.
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