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Geo 3830

Yoanna Chavez

on 19 May 2017

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Transcript of Spain

By: Yoanna Chavez
Here we go.....
Lets take a quick trip to Spain
Michigan > > > > Spain
flight duration 8 hrs 30 mins
Capital City of Spain:
46.77 million (2014)
Spain's Climate
Spain usually has hot, dry summers
with mild and rainy winters.
Spain has a Mediterranean climate but because of it's size it also has other two climates which consist of the Oceanic climate and the Semiarid climate.
Mediterranean climate
Oceanic Climate
Semiarid Climate
Is usually in northern Spain; snowfall in winter months.
In southeastern parts of Spain dry all year around not just in summer.
Physical geography
and Soils
Cantabrian mountains is approximately 180 miles
Iberian Peninsula, Leon Mountains
Iberian Chain, Betic Chain (Mulhacen Mountain)
Sierra Mountain Range, Central Chain (Pico del Moro Almanzor)
Galician Mountain Range
Spain is between two massive bodies of water which are the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Spain has over 500 lakes and over 1,800 rivers.
Bay of Biscay
Lake sanabria
Tangus River
Canales Reservoir
Spains second-largest body of water after the Canarian part of the Mediterranean Sea.
Location is east of Granada, this is one of Spain's youngest body of water.
This is the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula (approx. 565 miles).
The largest lake on the Iberian Peninsula, it is 167 feet deep.
There are many different soils in Spain around 23 different ones but the most common ones are Acrisols and Fluvisols.
Environmental Issues
Air Pollution
Water Problems
Climate Change
Over time, many forests in Spain have been destroyed because many people just cut them down, forest fires and poor farming.
"Spain is the most polluted in Europe"
-Jessica Jones
The weather is a huge input as to the air pollution in Spain.
Spain has lost 20% of it's fresh water because of climate change. Spain uses it's water to irrigate its crops mainly. There have also been more floods and droughts because of the water problems and climate change.
Languages, Ethnicities Religion
Language :
Ethnicities :
Religion :
Spanish is the official language
Roman Catholic : 75%
Islam : 3%
Judaism /Other : 2%
Protestant : 1%
No Faith 20%

Spain has a Monarchy and Parliamentary system of government
In 1978, establishment of the constitutional Monarchy
King is head of the state
Prime Minister is head of government
Two houses (Cortes Generales or Parliament)
Congress of Deputies and the Senate

Spain is a Unitary State
Population Pyramid
(3.165 Million )
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Immigration in action
European Integration
Spain is part of the European Union since 1986 and it was the 12 member to join
Spain is also part of the World Trade Organization (WTO)

1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona and the 1982 FIFA World Cup

Public Nudity is LEGAL ??

Spain's National anthem has no official lyrics

The Eiffel Tower was almost built in Barcelona (1887), but Barcelona did not want it

Spain introduced the first stapler 18th century, mop/bucket (1956)






Women in Spain
The Right to Vote :
December 9th, 1931

Right to Stand for Election
May 8th, 1931

Permiso Material (marital permission)
1975 after Franco's Death this was removed

GDP per capita : $23, 170
Currency is the Euro
Unemployment 22.7%
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