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Mat Kilau- A warrior of Pahang

No description

Tan Jun Di

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Mat Kilau- A warrior of Pahang

Mat Kilau
A warrior of Pahang

What we can learn from Mat Kilau
Mature Thinking
Broad view
His father was Tok Gajah ,who was one of the district chiefs of Pahang.
He is well versed in Silat and “Ilmu Kebatinan” / spiritual knowledge
Mat Kilau also studied religion and spiritual matters
Mat Kilau
Mature Thinking
In October 1888 during the Tok Gajah was in the town, Hugh Clifford came to the Pulau Tawar and negotiate with Mat Kilau.
Broad view
Mat Kilau likes to hang out with all segments of society and this has made him become a broad view person and get full trust from the society, especially for local residents.
Mat Kilau has been respected by many other people. This is not because of he is the son of Tok Gajah, but because of his honesty.
Full name -Mat Kilau bin Imam Rasu
Mat Kilau was believed to have been born in the year 1865/1866 at Kampung Masjid, Pulau Tawar
One of his contributions was during Lubuk Terua war. During the war, he played his role very well and his bravery, strength and courage led to victory. Mat Kilau developed a small settlement by the river in southern in Kelantan. He did that with one purpose to avoid from being arrested by British soldiers and to continue his fight against British colony in Kelantan.
Why Mat Kilau is a hero?

He got the perseverance and determination to keep fighting although he lose some of the battles .
He still loved by many of his followers, although he was strict.uch as, Awang Nong, The Ibrahim, Mat Kelubi, Mat Ali (khatib), Awang (Imam) and Mat Tahir. All of them were willing to moving together with Mat Kilau.
He fighted for justice.
One of his contributions which can be seen until this day is a mosque which is situated in Kampung Masjid, Pulau Tawar. The mosque is nearly 200 years. The mosque is the place which fueled patriotisme among the people who stayed in Pahang during British Colonization. The mosque was built by Mat Kilau and and people in Pulau Tawar 1880. In 1923, the mosque was rebuilt.His patriotic spirit became the inspiration of the upcoming fighters of right in Pahang.
A person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.
Contribution 1
2nd contribution
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