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Air Traffic Control

No description

Mason McMillan

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control
What we are taught

959HC depart Runway 17L climb and maintain 5,000 expect 10,000 10 minutes after departure.

What is an Air Traffic Controller
an Air Traffic Controller helps get
planes to their destination safely and
Classes of airspace
The schooling of an Air Traffic Controller
Weather restrictions
Completion standards

Pass every quiz with an 80% or higher
Attend every class
Pass course with 80% or higher
Pass ATC I, II, III, IV to graduate
Then attend a FAA school for 2 years

Required Classes for ATC

FAA School Requirements
Pass Private ground school
Hold a private pilots license
Pass instrument ground school

Pass ATC I, II, II, IV with an 80 %
Graduate with at least a 2.5 GPA
Pass last test by 100%
Still not granted to be accepted after that.
What We Learn at FAA School
How to deal with certain situations
Hands on training
Review over other ATC courses

Sustain a bachelors degree
Be FAA certified
Hold ATC license
Hold at least a 2nd class medical

Why I Choose Hesston

only FAA Air Traffic Control school in Kansas
700 pilots have trained from Hesston
Freshman get in the plane the week.
Small school
Job Requirements
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