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Becca Owsinski

No description

Becca Owsinski

on 31 December 2016

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Transcript of Becca Owsinski

Myers Briggs
ENTJ- "Frank, decisive, assume leadership readily."

True Colors
"To find yourself,
think for yourself."
Learning Style
Multiple Intelligences
1. Musical/ Rhythmic Intelligence
About Me
can see flaws in illogical and inefficient procedures and immediately begin to solve the problem
long-term planning
like to have control of everything
hard time adjusting to something I don't agree with
Planner, Thinker, Doer, Helper

attention to detail
I forget names but remember faces.
I like descriptive scenes.
I would rather see demonstrations and diagrams.
Look at directions and pictures.
To spell things, I write them down and look at it.
I become distracted by activity around me
With my friends I like to talk while doing other activities
Learn and think in patterns, sounds, and rhythms.
2. Logical/ Mathematical Intelligence
Questioning and wondering about natural events, and making logical and numerical patterns.
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