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Writing a speech or talk

No description

Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Writing a speech or talk

Writing a speech or talk
Composing 100 marks
8-10 paragraphs, 3 A4 pages 1hour 10 min
1. Read instructions.
2. Read all the questions and underline the key words.
3. Choose the question which appeals to you, the one you feel you can write the most about.
4. Brainstorm, if you have enough relevant ideas, select the best and put them in order. THERE SHOULD BE ONE POINT PER PARAGRAPH. If you don't have enough ideas, consider another title.
5. Write your answer.
6. Read over work to check for mistakes.
Writing a speech or a talk
Remember PAR! You will need to identify the
of your talk, why you are speaking, who you are speaking to, the
and finally the
how your speech should sound, formal/informal, familiar, happy, sad etc.
• State who you are and what you will be talking about.
• Consider the purpose of your speech and your audience.
• Thank the audience for their attention.
You can open with a fact, quote, anecdote and then lead into why you are there after you grab the audience’s attention.

• Each paragraph should focus on one point and support your main idea.
• i.e. that you are in support if school uniforms.
• Stengthen your argument by including facts and supporting information.
• Check the points you are making are in a logical, coherent order.
• Use the language devices regularly and continue to connect with your audience after the introduction.

Hello, my name is and I am here today to speak to you about the topic of school uniforms. I am a firm believer that school uniforms are a necessary feature of school life. A school uniform adds to your sense of pride in school. It prevents bullying occurring on the grounds of the clothes that you wear and as I’m sure you will agree, creates an easier life for the average teenager when faced with daunting task of finding something suitable to wear in the morning.
Sample Introduction
I am proud of my school uniform. It shows that I am a member of a positive community which works together to enhance each other’s education and skills. When I am seen in my school uniform I feel proud and wear it well. It is also the same uniform my friends wear and therefore I feel connected to both them and the school itself. A survey completed within the school has shown that the majority of the students are proud of their uniform and therefore it would be a travesty to have it confined to the bottom of the wardrobe never to be worn again. To replace the item of clothing which is representative of a proud community would be a crime and an unnecessary expense as of course you would then need to buy new clothes for school. Our parents would not be pleased, however some of you may be.
Sample Development
• Signify you are coming to the end of your speech.
• If you have identified a problem, provide a solution.
• Anticipate opposing arguments.
• Leave the audience with something to think about.

Finally I would like to reiterate that school uniforms are a necessary aspect of school life. They represent a group of people who are bettering their futures, preventing the opportunity for bullying based on clothing and extinguishes the annoyance of having a wardrobe full of clothes but still having nothing to wear. If we were to remove school uniforms that familiar sense of pride that we wear alongside our uniforms each day would disappear. Yes our personalities would be more evident; however is that such a good thing. Rather than a group of presentable young adults who are in it together, we would be a group of individuals representing only themselves, how deflating would that be?
Sample Conclusion
You should also include the techniques you would use in Personal Writing. How you write is examined as well as What you write.
What are the techniques introduced last week?
Quotations, from your favourite writer, band, song, book etc.
Anecdote, a short story which serves an example to prove your point.
Hyperbole, exaggeration is very effective in a speech - "Everybody here knows the torture having homework on a Friday"
Humour, remember you are addressing an audience, in a speech if you can make the audience laugh they will feel more positively to your point of view.
Rhetorical questions - Are they necessary?
Identifying problems and offering solutions
Being inclusive - using 'I' and 'We' statements
Your task - Due Friday 14th February
Exam papers 2005 page 215 No. 4.
"......every moment seemed important to me..."
Write a speech you would give to a group of young people on the things that you think are important in life.
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