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The Magicians are coming! The magicians are coming!

Rachel Michtom

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Camelot

Camelot By Rachel Michtom My SubTopic The People Many people were in the legends of Camelot. The most mentioned, and important, are... Guinevere Merlin Sir Lancelot Queen Guinevere Morgan le Fay Merlin King Arthur Uther Pendragon King of Camelot Pulled sword out of stone
Heritage unknown until 18
Raised by Sir Ector and stepbrother Sir Kay
Dad died when he was 6 months Merlin Also known as Merlinnus, or Emerys
As old as the world, and much more wise
Helped Uther, and now Arthur
Court Magician, who can actually do magic Queen Guinevere In love with Sir Lancelot
Name came from Gwenhyfer(Gwen the great(Welsh))
Captured 3 times by 3 different people
VERY beautiful Morgan le Fay Daughter of Igraine and Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall
Uther killed her father, and Morgan le Fay never forgave him, in one story.
Oldest of 9; Moronoe, Mazoe, Gliten, Glitonea, Cliton, Tyronoe, Thitis, and Morgause
Could change shape at will, could fly with wings
Arthur's healer, no blood relationship
Le Fay means fairy. Morgan could come from Morrigan, the crow goddess, or some other from of Morgan. Possible Celtic origins. Sir Lancelot Knight of the Round Table
Possibly the greatest knight to ever sit at the Round Table
Secret romance with Queen Guinevere
Betrayed Arthur and fought against him in the battle after which, Arthur died. Uther Pendragon Dad of Arthur
King of Camelot
Killed Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall
Had Arthur with Igraine, mother of Morgan le Fay and her sisters There are many more characters in the Arthurian legends, but none have quite as an important part as those few you just met. Now for much more depth... King Arthur's youth Seemed to know he was royalty from birth
Held himself up when most children were learning to put their head up
Sky blue eyes and blond hair
Dad died when he was only 6 months King Arthur's teen years Knew he was adopted
Dad was Sir Ector, stepbrother was Sir Kay, who was 5 years older
Esquire-at-arms to Sir Kay
Became King at a very young age; 18 Kingdomhood Arthur became king by pulling a sword out of an anvil, not stone
Many older kings were not happy with the desicion for Arthur to be king. They thought he was too young
King Lot waged war on him, and lost Morgan le Fay
The 2 legends In the first story, Morgan was the eldest of 9, Moronoe, Mazoe, Gliten, Glitonea, Cliton, Tyronoe, Thitis, and Morgause
She was Arthur's healer, and that was it. Nothing more
She could fly with wings, and could change her shape at will Morgan le Fay
The second legend The youngest of 2, the older being Morgouse
Uther killed Gorlois, and stole Igraine away to be his own wife
Morgan ran away and lived with the fairies for a while
Later she came back and tried to kill Arthur many times, though he had done no harm. Morgan le Fay also trained with Merlin Guinevere's Captures Guinevere was captured 3 times by 3 different people, each time for the same reason: She was beautiful and kings wanted her for their own
Her first capture was by King Melwas of Somerset
Her second capture was by King Meleagant, son of King Bagdemagus
Her third, and final, capture, was not really a capture, was performed by Mordred, Arthur's son/nephew Abduction by King Melwas Arthur searched for his queen for a year, roaming all around the country, only to learn that she was in Glastonia, not far from Camelot
King Arthur was going to go into war against the Glastonians, but the Abbot of Glastonia, along with Gildas the wise, persuaded King Melwas to return Guinevere to Arthur
Queen Guinevere was returned "in peace and good will." Guinevere's other captures Abduction by King Meleagant Abduction (sort of) by Mordred This time, it was Sir Lancelot who came to poor Guinevere's rescue, in a cart driven by a dwarf, then he crawled across a bridge whose nothern side was a sword blad, then injured himself forcing window bars apart to get into Guinevere's room. Finally he started a fight with Meleagant, which was only stopped by Guinevere's pleading. Meleagant also accused Guinevere of having an affair with Sir Kay, when actually the blood stains he saw were from Sir Lancelot's wounds When Arthur went to fight France against the traitor Sir Lancelot, Mordred was left in charge of England. As you can probably imagine, that was not a good choice on Arthur's part
Mordred claimed that Arthur was killed by Lancelot, then made himself king and insisted that he marry Queen Guinevere.
Guinevere tricked him into letting her go into town to buy "all manner of things that longed unto the wedding" but instead she locked herself into the well-stocked Tower of London
Mordred tried to make her come out, but she refused, forceing Mordred to go to Dover to stop King Arthur from returning and finding his beloved stuck in a tower A brief overview King Arthur: The King of Britain King Arthur died after a battle with Mordred. The battle was brought about because King Arthur was mad at Mordred for stealing his queen. Arthur defeated Mordred but later died from wounds he had recieved in combat Camelot is first mentioned in a poem called Historia Brittonum 800 C.E. Another poem about King Arthur is written 900 C.E. William of Malmesbury writes about the adventures of King Arthur about 1125 C.E. William of Newburgh writes in Historia regum anglicarum about King Arther 1196-1198 C.E. Gerald of Wales claims to have seen King Arthur's body dug up 1190 C.E. Sir Thomas Malory first writes about King Arthur and his knights 1469-1470 C.E. The TV show Merlin first airs 2008 C.E Camelot throughout history The End Queen Guinevere: Wife of King Arthur
Sir Lancelot: Brave and valiant knight Morgan le Fay: Healer/fairy/villian, sort of Uther Pendragon: King Arthur's dad Merlin: Magician So, Um, Like, Yeah
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