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Civil Rights Movement

No description

Shawn Ram

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Civil Rights Movement

Double click anywhere & add an idea Strategies People Oranizations Events Freedom Rides were to have no more bus segergation.
Black people were going to protest the bus segergation.
They did it by not riding the bus untill it was free from sgergation. Freedom Summer was that black people can vote in Mississippi.
The kkk was the people that did not want black people have rights.
So the kkk did bad things to the black people like brun down chruchs so they will be afraid. March on Washington was black people marching to the Lincoln Memorial.
The march was famous when Martin Luthur King Jr ended with his I have a Dream speach. Thats how the civil rights act and voting act was pass.
Sit-Ins was black people siting in white spot only.
They would get hit by the white people so they would move. but when they didnt move they would get abused alot. Malcolm X was well knowed.
He was in the Nation of islam.
He had a early career for his age. Thurgood Marshall was a white man who help get blacks their freedom. He help black get unsergergation school. In the Brown v. Board of Education was his frist time helping black people. Rosa Parks was the frist black women who stand up against a white person.
She was told to get off the seat from a white person and refused. Then she
became well knowed and was put to jailed. Martin Luther King Jr. was a famous person.
He was a great leader from the black people.
And was well knowed for his speachs. Civil Rights Movement Black Panthers was an black people
organazation. It was created by Huey Newton
and Bobby Seale. Black panthers was made so
that black people can have power and armed resistance
to white oppression. KKK are white people that dont want black
people to have their freedom. They would
brun things and brake things that black people
would fear. And they would even kill people whos
against them. Nation of Islam a religous organazation.
It was form to have seperate black and white racism.
Malcom X was a major voice for Nation of Islam. SNCC was (Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee)
was a civil right movement for the young. It was founed by
Stockey Carmichael in 1960. This group worked for more
things for the changes.

Brown V. Board of Education was something with the suprime court decision to sperate black schools and white schools. The case was successfully argued by Thurgood Marshall. Thurgood spent his time to serve black peoples justice. Little Rock Nine were nine kids who went to
a white school. They were treated bad by some
of the white students. And some of the white students
tried to force the nine black student to drop out of the
white school. White Flight is white family moving
in middle class houses. And black people
moving in. Was from the result of Brown v.
Board of Education and civil rights legislation. Voting Rights Act of 1965 was a federal law
to discrimination at the voting booth. That
means black people can vote as white people.
And by eliminating literacy test as a require to
vote. Shawn Ram
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