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All about me

Dominique Dennis

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Myself

All about me Dominique Dennis Introduction My name is Dominique Dennis I was born in Brampton, Ontario. My date of birth is September 2nd. Hobbies I have a couple of hobbies but my main hobbie is to play basketball and my other hobbies are playing video games, watching TV, and going to my friends house. Food My favorite types of food are steak, turkey, chicken, pasta, cookies, and ice cream. Best Friends My best friends are Jacob, kameron, and Tah-jai. They are my bestfriends because i have known them since I was young and they have made life really fun for me. Goals My goals for this year is to get good grades and to stay healthy and be fit and be a good student. Future goals My future goals are to graduate high school and then go to Syracuse university or Kentucky university for basketball then get drafted to the NBA. Basketball I play for a team called CIA BOUNCE we are the best team in North America. And we have alot of players from our program that are supposed to go to the NBA. My Favorite Basketball Team My favorite basketball team is the New york Knicks, the Oaklahoma City Thunders, and the Brooklyn Nets. WELCOM TO MY INCREDIBLE PREZI!! Favorite Players As you can see i really like basketball so I an going to tell you about my favorite player. His name is Kevin Durant he is 6`11 and is one of the best to ever play in the NBA (National Basketball Association)
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