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Euro Disneyland

No description

Heather Ahles

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Euro Disneyland

Heather, Liga, Megan, & Morta Euro Disneyland Planned to spend approximately US $2.5 billion
Expected to bring hundreds of millions of dollars into France each year, while creating approzimately 30,000 jobs in an area with a high unemploment rate.
Politically, would be persued by Spanich and French governments offering tax and labor incentives, land,as well as improved highway/subway system
Chose Fance because location is 30 minutes on train from France, Belgium, England, and Germany Environment: Industry Firm Wanted to enter European market to increase production of entertainment in European and world markets.
51% of shares are distributed between markets in London, Paris, and Brussels; leaving 49% for Disney Co.
Costing US$2.5 billion in total,Disney Co. only paid for US $160million while the rest of came from French nationals and local authorities with los-interest loans, and corporate sponsors who wanted their names displayed in Disney
In the first year, 1 million people less than expexted visited the park reducing the price Marketing Strategy Question 2 In what way has Trompenaars's research help explain cultural differences between the United States and France? Question 3 Based on its Euro Disneyland operations, what are three mistakes that the company made? Based on its experience, what are three lessons the company should have learned about how to deal with diversity? Using Hofstede's four cultural dimensions as a point of reference, what are some of the main cultural differences between the United States and France? Questions! How do we make Euro Disneyland successful? Problem/Opportunity: Evidence of Primary Problem Best Solution: Alternative Solutions: Make Euro Disneyland less American Alternate Solution 1: Allows Disney to have a wider base of potential customers and have a larger chance to diversify the company. Benefits Alternate Solution 2: By locating less and only basic souvenir shops with nothing too extravagant or expensive near the park exits, Europeans can be less annoyed and hassled by sales clerks and be pressured to buy something Benefits Alternate Solution 3: Because the French enjoy a glass of wine with their meals, allowing alcohol to be served at Euro Disneyland would be more welcoming and appealing to the French adults, thus increasing the number of visitors to the park.
Additionally, because EPCOT has a World Showcase and incorpotates many cultures with a variety of food and other culteral attractions, it could be educational for children, while still being enjoyable for adults Benefits Selection: Situation Analysis: Question 1 Question 4 France is a feminine culture whereas the United States is a masculine culture.
The United States values industry and devotion to work, while France believes that quality of life is most important (leisure time, and enjoyment of life >work)
France is not motivated by competition or desire for success and have a leisured work ethic, whereas the United States is extremely competitive and has a drive for success with an intense work ethic.
France has a strong power distance.
France has a high ambiguity and does not like to take risks France vs America Specific Orientations Emotional Orientations Universalistic, but on the border with particularism Achievement oriented, but ascription has a role in some decisions *Communitarianistic *Individualistic Completely Universalistic Completely Achievement Oriented Tromenaar also incorporated the concept of time in different Cultures: The United States has sequential time, where schedule is set and followed France has a synchronous approach, where objectives are determined but left with open time. "What was important was that they got to the end, not the path by which it was reached" (Chapter 4, Pg. 116) Parks dont Sell alcohol Mistake 1: The french enjoy having a glass of wine with their meals, and by not allowing them to have wine, Disney, in a sense, took away their quality of life. Contruction of highway caused neighboring cities to complain Mistake 2: Mistake 3: Mistake 4: Neighboring cities said it was too loud and caused too many traffic issues for business people going to work Lack of knowledge of the French's personal boundries. The French were reluctant to wait in lines and had problems getting near and/or around others due to their definition of personal space. Communication/Adjustments When first opened, Euro Disneyland placed their first ads for work around France in English, leaving many people feeling like foreigners in their own land Learn to incorporate the other country's culture and more history Lesson 1: Learn to adjust to the other country's climates. Lesson 2: Learn to alter food to fit a country's taste pallet Lesson 3: Euro Disneyland was too Americanized for the Europeans. Although Japan enjoyed the cartoon and "cute" factor, France wanted more culture and history. Just as the Florida Disneyworld incorporated air-conditioning into every room so that Floridians could be greeted from the heat with cool air, Euro Disneyland should incorporate fireplaces, not only to warm the cold visitors, but also to add art and décor which allows for a more classic and homey feel to the park. Although hamburgers and McDonalds were successful in Japan, Europeans do not appreciate a strictly fast food diet. Additionally, the mexican recipes had to be toned down from the spiciness, and a special coffee blend had to be made to have a univeral appeal to Europe. The strict dress code went against the French's culture, their individualism, and their privacy. To the french, Euro Disneyland is too "in your face" with American culture. The constant smiles and kindness seemed forced; Reduce number of souvenir shops When first opening, Euro Disney was criticized by many French communists and intellectuals stating that "Mickey Mouse is stifling individualism and transforming children into consumers" (Euro Disneyland, Pg. 249) and that the park was an example of American "neoprovincialism. Create a desireable environment for adults Additionally, Euro Disneyland could invest into a Euro EPCOT, which is more technological and intellectual. Although Euro Disneyland is directed toward children, it is important for Euro Disneyland to incorporate a more mature tone to the park that is desirable to adults as well as children. Euro Disneyland could allow alcohol to be served. Adjust park to be more culturally friendly to children Alternate Solution 4: Euro Disney could incorporate cartoon caharactures featured on television in that country. Although Europe does have a Disney Channel, some younger generations may not be familiar with older Disney characters and movies, by adding some popular characters from local television, children will be able to connect with and enjoy the park even more Benefits: *Cultural Environment: Euro Disneyland had to force European and French markets into accepting a very American amusment park. Additionaly, the French did not want the extra traffic, and was origionally going to be alcohol free which was seen as appalling.
Euro Disneyland's dress code was seen as imhibiting the employees' individual styles, and were resistant to American cultural imperialism (launched community relations programs which calmed the objections Euro Disneyland focused only on the amusment park aspects
France has no amusement parks that would rival a Disney venture
Disney strategically placed park in a location accessible to most European countries. Former advertising agent turned animator
The origional intention of all the amusement parks was to bring characters into the real world to mix with their fans
Wanting to differ from dark and dirty carnivals, Disney wanted good clean fun for all ages.
After Disney's death, the company suffered financial losses from unsuccessful CEO, until Michael Eisner "Instant hits are things that go away quickly... What we created in France is the biggest private investment in a foreign contry by an American company ever" (Euro Disneyland, Pg. 244) French citizens were reluctantto have a corporate giant taking over, which affected amount of revenue collected by the park
In order to be successful, Euro Disney needs to cater to the European style, and reduce the American theme to match preferences of the host contry. Euro Disneyland needs to be made more European in nature so that it is not seem that Disney is trying to impose their American culture.
Additionally, it is needed to incorporate more of the European traditions with the Disney Prencesses.
Lastly, because Europeans are proud of their extensive history and rich culture, Europeans would appreciate if it was portrayed by Euro Disneyland throughout the park.
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