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To This Day by Shane Koyczan - lesson plan

This lesson comes with a worksheet with the text of Shane Koyczan's poem To This Day and Cat Brogan's poem Hug Me

Catherine Brogan

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of To This Day by Shane Koyczan - lesson plan

Simile / Metaphor
Specific Incident
Individually for 10 mins
Write your To This Day poem

You could pick a line or phrase from one of the poems to get you started.

When I feel the anger ...
To this day ...
When I was a kid ...
It wasn't really a big deal ...

Use your answers for ideas and add poetic techniques
5 mins
dividually answer question 1 - 4

1. Did you mix up things when you were younger?
Do your family/friends remind you about something you did?
I ran away

2. Think of a specific incident that the poem reminds you of?
I would pretend to have a cough for attention.
I would throw away my glasses because they were ugly.

3.What names are/were you called?
How did you get the name?
Mary Robinson (the President of Ireland) because I was bossy,
Mary Mercury because I had cheap trainers.
Granny because of my glasses.

4.How did it make you feel?
Upset, angry, misunderstood, an outsider. I didn't know how to get on with my classmates.
Individually for 2mins

7.What do you do when you get upset to make yourself feel better?

Talk to friends, family, write poems, perform, cycle, skateboard, visit different places, draw.
To This Day
Getting over it
Hug Me - Cat Brogan

I’d crush my knickers in a bag,
Run to the end of the road,
Squirm from my parents love.

The strings on my glasses
Christened me granny at seven.
After I flushed the tenth NHS pair,
I squeezed fancy glasses
From my mum.

I wished I could find a magic bean,
That would let me climb,
Out of the playground,
Into the garden of the adults.

I was labeled Mary Robinson,
The President of Ireland.
Because I pushed like a game
Of British Bulldog,
When the staff on duty
Are having a crafty fag.

Market trainers made me
Mary Mercury.
Kicks from the estate kid’s Nike,
Replaced the knock off
With the genuine United top,
With the stadium backdrop.
Think about a specific incident involving bullying
5 mins
Discuss the poem as a

One person takes notes and reports back

striking lines
specific incidents
5 mins
Discuss the poem as a group.

One person takes notes and reports back.

Mark striking lines, specific incidents (one time events), similes and metaphors that you like.
8 mins

5. Create a simile or metaphor for how you felt.

Share your simile or metaphor with your table

Help each other to improve and strech your simile or metaphor

Tell each other what went well and even better if.

Pick the best one to share the table with the best metaphor wins a prize
I wished I could find a magic bean that would let me climb out of the playground and into the land of the adults.
Individually for
2 mins

6. Write about a specific incident involving bullying.

My brother dragged me by my leg across the field in front of our whole neighbourhood because I embarrassed him with what I said.
Anyone who shares there poem will get a credit.

Please fill in the feedback form and hand it in with your poem.

I will read them, give you feedback and give them back to you next week.
Specific Incident
I see the grass bumping along
Past goal posts, dragged,
By my leg, In front of the neighbours.
By my brother,
I said the only thing he could ride,
Was his bike.

I grew out, not in, to my uniform.
Debated, sweated poetry.
Silicon-ed Nirvana on my art folder.
Cycled to my auntie.
Fashioned birthday cards.
Cultivated friends who fertilised me.

When I feel the anger,

I boil in its vigor
Hiss out the pressure,
Write it piping.
Redraft it after chilling.
Publish it frozen.
Performance is a re-run.
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