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Double Jeopardy

No description

Kassidi Marquart

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Double Jeopardy

Double Jeopardy What is Double Jeopardy?
- The retrial of a person who has been found not guilty in a previous trial for the same crime. The 5th amendment states in part that no person shall be put "twice in Jeopardy of life and limb". This guarantee gives people protection against continual harassment by the government. There are, however, instances in which a person my be tried more than once for the same act. In our federal system a single act -for example robbing a national bank- may violate both federal and state law. If this happpens, an accused may be tried twice, once for the federal crime and once for the state crime. In addition, a single act may involve more than one crime. Stealing a car and then selling it could involve theft and sale of stolen goods. Under such conditions a person may be tried seperately for each offense. When a trial jury fails to agree on a verdict, the accused may have to undergo a second trial. Further, double jeopardy does not apply when the goverment wins an appeal of a case to a higher court.
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