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Cyrano de Bergerac

No description

Elise Buchman

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Act 4 Act 5 Setting Cyrano's impending battle Ballade extempore with swords Hall of the Hotel de Bourgogne Cyrano Valvert Says poem while fighting Says everything he's going to do to Valvert while fighing Dies Ligniere's writing Insults Cyrano's big nose The play "La Clorise" 100 men Christian and Roxane's loves Roxane can tell he's an intellectual through his eyes The actor Montefleury Bad actor Likes Roxane Cyrano's view of his problems Can never have a relationship because of his big nose A meeting that is arranged for Cyrano With Roxane The poets' bill The poets pay with poetry Ragueneau's wrapping paper His wife makes the poetry into wrapping paper The effects of Cyrano's battle His hand got cut Pastries and the Duenna Pastries distracted her so Christian and Roxane could talk in private Cyrano and Roxane's past Roxane seeing a lover's soul She loves Christian A promise concerning Christian Cyrano was to protect him Christian and Cyrano's bargain Cyrano wrote letters to Roxane for Christian Cyrano's letter De Guiche bearing insults Ligniere insulted de Guiche De Guiche sent 100 men to kill Ligniere Ragueneau's past Roxane's favorite intellectual De Guiche's promotion and power Roxane's revenge plan Christian and three little words Christian His wife left him for a musketeer tried to kill himself but Cyrano saved him Colonel Has the power to send anyone he wants to war She told de Guiche to not put Cyrano in battle so that Christian would be safe "I love you" Roxane is disappointed that he isn't speaking poetically Cyrano's poetry Roxane's offering of a kiss Really offered to Cyrano, but Christian takes it Persuading a Capuchin Roxane convinces the Capuchin to marry her and Christian Cyrano's diversionary travels He distracts de Guiche while Roxane and Christian are getting married The deployment of the Guards De Guiche get mad and sends Cyrano and Christian to the front lines The siege and Cyrano's promise A fate Cyrano would prefer De Guiche and the Cadets' hatred A humiliating scarf The use of a Spanish spy Cyrano promised Roxane that Christian would write to her every day and Cyrano had to cross enemy lines to deliver the letter To die honorably in battle Cyrano had the scarf that de Guiche left across enemy lines De Guiche told the Spanish spy where they should attack next A surprise visit at camp Roxane Ragueneau Ragueneau's hidden supplies Food Roxane's reason for first loving Christian's scorn for his soul Cyrano avenging two deaths Christian's good looks Roxane now loves him for his soul Christian's and his own Roxane's new home Cyrano and the nuns Time for Cyrano's visits A letter close to the heart Cyrano attacking falsehoods De Guiche's jealousy for Cyrano Cyrano lives freely He teases them A convent Every Saturday for 15 years False saints False heroes False artists Christian's last letter Christian's blood Cyrano's tears Falling logs of vengeance Comparison with a leaf Kills Cyrano Cyrano wishes he could die gracefully like a leaf Truth thanks to obscure light A loss felt twice Cyrano read the letter by heart Roxane realizes it was really Cyrano who was writing the letters and that he was the one she really loves but then he died
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