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Regional Development Mission for Asia

No description

Maura Barry Boyle

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Regional Development Mission for Asia

Policy Framework
USAID Private Sector Commpetitiveness Philippines

Public/private alliances

• Mobilizing, & scaling sources of private capital

• Development Credit Authority

• Utilization of mobile money technologies

Private Sector Engagement
• Strengthening use of science in decision-making

• Mobile solutions to accelerate development

• Prizes & challenges to identify and catalyse innovative solutions

• University and technology partnerships

Science & Technology
• Risk analysis for strategic plans & project designs

• Identifying opportunities for USAID to support national commitments to the international agreement on disaster risk reduction

• Reflecting USAID interest at international DRR forums

• Coordinating mission inputs to Washington on operationalizing the Resilience Policy in Asia

• Developing a community of practice and identifying training needs.

Disaster Risk Reduction
Technical Advisor Group (TAG)
Monitoring & Evaluation
• Performance Management Plans

• M&E Plans

• Data Quality Assessments

• Internal/External evaluations

USAID Forward
• Construction Assessments

• Scopes of Work


• Design Reviews

• Trainings

• Monitoring and Evaluations

Overview March 28 2014
USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia

Gender (2012)
Youth (2012)
Climate Change (2012)
Resilience (2012)
Violent Extremism (2011)
Urban Services (2013)
Climate Change (2012)
Education (2012)
Evaluation (2011)
Democracy, Human Rights & Gov (2013)
Directive on Strategies &
Policy Formulation (2011)

TAG Approaches
Support analysis for strategies & programs

Enhance gender metrics & strategic communication

Identify key collaborations with private sector, government & other development partners
Local Capacity Development
Incorporating Local Solutions into Project Design

Mapping & Capacity Assessment Tools

Models & Approaches for Direct Awards

Metrics & Targets for Local Capacity Development

Environmental Compliance
Training, monitoring & support for environmentally sound projects (reg 216)

Technical assistance on environmental related sectors (biodiversity, watsan, natural resource mang't
Regional Advisor, Maura Barry
Regional Advisor, Patty Alleman
Regional Advisor, Aaron Bownell
Bryan Enslein
Dan Hollander
Sam Nassif
Regional Advisor, Sheila Roquitte
Regional Advisor, Teresa Leonardo
Kevin Martin
Steven Rynecki
Marianne Smallwood
Typhoon Haiyan
M&E Team
USAID ASEAN Youth Volunteer Program
Media Strategy to Promote Gender Equality
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