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Vietnam War

No description

colin downs

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Vietnam War

Who was in the VIetnam War. There were three Major countries involved in the vietnam war. America, France, and VIetnam. THe French were beaten, at first, by the Vietnamese. America sent military to the south because they were not communist. This started a major war. What was the Vietnam War? The Vietnam War was basically a war between communist and non-communist countries. The Americans of course helped the the south and the North tried to fight off the non-communist countries. This was a very brutal war. Many lives were taken away just because of an opinion about who had the better government. They most non-violent solution would have been to compromise with the fighting nations. Instead a raging war began. Where did the Vietnam war take place. The Vietnam war took place in vietnam. North and South. but the war also continued over cambodia, and Laos. Cambodia and Laos were never really part of the war. The battle just happend to happen in that area.
THere was no real spot were or country were one country had control. When did the Vietnam War occur. The Vietnam War took place from about September, 1959, to april, 1975. America joined the war in 1962. Just before the war had begun. Russia had also joined the war around this time. The Russians were on the North Vietnamese, communist side, and the Americans were on the South Vietnamese, non-communist side. Why did the Vietnam War begin. The Vietnam War basically started becuase of a conflict on which government was correct. Communist, or republic. This was a war that coud've and should've been enden or not even begun, with compromise. Instead, thousands of lives were lost. If one of the countries would've just tried to make right, there would've been less lives lost. This battle did really nothing but kill. How did the Vietnam war end. The vietnam war ended with the losing of South Vietnam. The communist side had won. The North Vietnamese had forced the South to give in. they had forced a surrender on the South. The Vietnamese became and still are a susatained communist country. Mostly because of that war.
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