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Fresh Desk Training

No description

nelly george

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of Fresh Desk Training

Fresh Desk Training

Adding Private Note
Ticket Handling
Ticket Handling
Login Activation
Log in to : (Final link to be confirmed)
Tickets Filtering
Tickets Filtering
Ticket Handling Process
Ticket Handling Process
Ticket Handling
Ticket Handling
Ticket Handling
Merging Tickets
In cases where the applicant sends two tickets with the same query, the agent can "Merge" the two tickets in one ticket.

While handling a ticket, the agent can add their own private note as a system remark. For example, an approval was taken before responding to an action.
Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that will help you,
Categorise the tickets as required
Access a comprehensive dashboard that summarise all transactions history and displays all tickets status
Track and respond to tickets effectively
See your ticket status and when it's due
Categorise the ticket urgency
View and manage ticket properties with just few clicks
Displays the number of tickets which passed the standard resolution time.
Displays the number of tickets which were not yet resolved
Displays the number of tickets that is due today
Displays the number of tickets which is still open
Displays the number of tickets which is set to hold
Displays the number of tickets were not assigned to a certain agent
Displays all recent activities that have been done by all agents within your group
When an applicant submits a ticket to info@vfstasheel.com (note that this will differ from one country to the other) the ticket will appear here
The filter Tickets section enable you to filter by,
Agents (Tickets assigned to you or to others)
Groups (The groups in which you belong to)
Due by (Based on the standard SLA set)
Status (Pending, closed, open, overdue, etc.)
Priority (Based on the priority marked for the ticket)
You can filter to select the desired tickets by using the drop down menu
1. Applicants submits a ticket to info@vfstasheel.com (note that this will differ from one country to the other).

2. The applicants receives an email confirming that his ticket has been received.
3. Ticket will be registered on the system with a status "OPEN"
4. The agent will "Pick up" unassigned tickets for handling.
Mark the required ticket
And then click on "Pick up"
The Agent will then appear under your name
5. The agent will open the ticket, updates ticket properties section and reply to resolve
Click on Reply
Enter your response here
Click on send once done
6. The Applicant will receive an email with the agent's reply. They can reply back to the same email incase they have further queries.
7. In case the applicant responded, the agent will be able to see the applicant response and will be able to either respond back by applying the same process or close the ticket to mark completion
Enter all details required
Then click on close to close the ticket
8. The applicant will receive an email confirming the ticket closure
Select the tickets required to be merged
Then click on "Merge"
Click on Continue
As shown, the two tickets got merged
Click on "Add note"
Add your notes and click on "Add Private Note" to complete
Enter your credentials and click on Activate and Log in to proceed

Note: The same password will be used everytime you log in to the system
Complaint Categories
Process Flow
Enter all details required
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