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You Have a Million Facebook Fans—So What?

Facebook fans – everybody wants them. But effective engagement that drives sales is about more than the number of likes on your page. Learn how the Louisiana Lottery is combining data from Facebook Insights with a little intuition for big payoff.

Kelly Spell

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of You Have a Million Facebook Fans—So What?

Looking Beyond Page Likes
to Measure Effectiveness

Kelly Spell
Sr. Communications Specialist
Louisiana Lottery

Generate engagement
Build brand
How many of your fans actually see your content?
Increase knowledge
Promoted Posts
Of the fans that see your content, how many of them interact with it?
Launched in January 2010
Fans vs. Non-Fans
Is your content reaching people who are not fans of your page?
Your Fans
People Reached
People Engaged
Graph Search
Content + Customer Service
Steady, Consistent Growth
$2.8 billion to K-12 public education since 1991
Where the Money Goes
Public Education
2013 vs. 2014
Promoted Posts
More Harm than Good?
"Facebook Fraud" by Veritasium
"By and large, I view owned spaces and rented spaces as the market where you sell crops – you can personalize your stall, but you can't design the market."
Brooks Thomas
AT&T Director of Digital and Social Media
But remember...
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