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10A Poetry Power Point

Terms for 10A Poetry Unit

Sarah L

on 1 February 2011

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Transcript of 10A Poetry Power Point

Feeling created in the reader by a literary work or passage. MOOD Can often be described in a single word
-Ex: lighthearted, frightening, despairing MEANING TONE Writer's attitude toward his or her audience and subject Can often be described by a single adjective
Ex: formal, informal, serious, playful, bitter, ironic, sarcastic SYNECDOCHE A part is made to represent a whole Ex: Are you going to watch The Game this weekend?
The game = Super Bowl football game METONYMY A word or phrase is substituted for another with which it is closely associated Ex: The White House
Stands for the people in the government, such as the President, who make major decisions for the United States Ex: The Man
Represents a powerful person who keeps others suppressed Figurative
Language *Simile- a comparison using “like” or “as” Personification – giving human qualities and characteristics to things that are not human *Hyperbole – an extreme exaggeration *Satire – literary work that ridicules the foolishness and faults of individuals, an institution, society, or even humanity in general *Metaphor – a comparison that does not use “like” or “as” Implied metaphor - when something is subtly compared to another thing. Shut your trap.
He ruffled his feathers.

No bird and no mouth, just feathers and trap. Yeah, that’s implied. *Extended metaphor – a metaphorical concept that is developed throughout a work TYPES OF POEMS APOSTROPHE An exclamatory passage in a poem addressed to a person (typically one who is dead or absent) or thing (typically one that is personified) BALLAD A poem narrating a story in short stanzas Typically have unknown authors, having been passed on orally (by mouth) LYRIC A poem which expresses the writer's emotions SONNET Poem of 14 lines using formal rhyme schemes Shakespearean sonnet a type of sonnet much used by Shakespeare, written in iambic pentameter and consisting of three quatrains and a final couplet with the rhyme scheme abab cdcd efef gg. Petrarchan sonnet A type of sonnet used by the Italian poet Petrarch, with an octave rhyming abbaabba, and a sestet typically rhyming cdcdcd or cdecde. STANZA HEROIC COUPLET A pair of rhyming lines of iambic pentameter QUATRAIN A stanza of four lines SESTET The last six lines of a sonnet OCTAVE A stanza of eight lines RHYTHM Pattern of beats, or stresses, in spoken or written language. METER Rhythmical Pattern determined by the number and arrangements of stressed syllables, or beats, in each line.
- Stressed: /
- Unstressed: u FOOT divided parts of meter Iamb: unstressed, stressed u /
Ex. Nature
Trochee: stressed, unstressed / u
Ex. Happy
Anapest: two unstressed, one strong stress u u /
Ex. Like a child
Dactyl: one strong stress, two unstressed / u u
Ex: wonderful
Spondee: two strong stresses / /
Ex. Heart break METER is based on number of feet in a line that stays the same throughout the poem Monometer: one foot
Dimeter: two feet
Trimeter: three feet
Tetrameter: four feet
Pentameter: five feet
Hexameter: six feet
Heptameter: seven feet IAMBIC PENTAMETER A line of poetry with five feet of the pattern unstressed stressed FREE VERSE Poetry not written in a regular pattern
of meter or rhyme BLANK VERSE Poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter
-----Julius Caesar Sound Devices RHYME Repetition of sounds at the ends of words End Rhyme –
rhyming words comes at the ends of lines Internal Rhyme –
one of the rhyming words appears within a line Slant (approximate) Rhyme –
repetition of words that sound alike by do not rhyme exactly
-ex. grove and love ALLITERATION Repetition of initial
consonant sounds
-Used for emphasis ASSONANCE Repetition of vowel sounds
followed by different consonants
in two or more stressed syllables CONSONANCE Repetition of final consonant sounds
in stressed syllables
with different vowel sounds ONOMATOPOEIA Use of words that imitate sounds PUN Play on words involving
a word with two or more different meanings
or two words that sound alike
but have different meanings

Ex: A bicycle can't stand alone because it is two-tired DICTION Author's choice of words,
especially with regard to range of vocabulary,
use of slang and colloquial language,
and level of formality REPETITION Use of any element of language
(sound, word, phrase, clause, sentence)
more than once REFRAIN A repeated line or number of lines
typically at the end of each verse The End U2 - "New Year's Day"
And so we are told this is the golden age
And gold is the reason for the wars we wage Taylor Swift - "Fifteen"
It's your freshman year and you're gonna be here
For the next four years in this town Matchbox 20 - "Push"
She said I don't know why you ever would lie to me U2 - "New Year's Day"
And gold is the reason for the wars we wage Matchbox 20 - "Push"
Like I'm a little untrusting when I think that the truth is gonna hurt ya JayZ - "Empire State of Mind"
Sitting court side
Knicks and Nets give me high-five B.o.B - "Magic"
I sing just like Aretha,
so respect me like I'm Caesar Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while Bad Religion - "Automatic Man"
It's true you must have met him, he's your best friend and your foe.
His opinions are determined by the status quo.
A true creature of habit, he smokes three packs a day
When he has an original thought, he forgets it right away Selena Gomez - "Naturally"
You are the thunder and I am the lightening Switchfoot - "Your love is a song"
All your love is a symphony
all around me, running through me
Your love is a melody
Underneath me, running to me
Your love is a song
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