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Faith Ruch

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of Biometrics

Our mission statement:
Our main goal is to provide state-of-the-art technology to companies, business, and places of education that are in need of security measures beyond the basics. We strive to protect and provide customers with affordable and user-friendly top security measures.

Our objective is to simply make your lives easier by satisfying your safety necessities with a quick and reliable identification management system.

Why Choose us? We guarantee success-fullness and satisfaction in all of our set-ups and daily customers.
Success Story
The Science:
Our company has had many successes, especially in universities. For example, a criminal notorious for mass shootings at sororities, attempted to sneak into this one party, but fortunately every member of the sorority had their fingerprint recorded down and that's what they would use to get into the party to make sure there are no intruders coming in. Since the criminal never got his fingerprint in the record, he wasn't able to get in, and with campus security, they identified him as the wanted criminal and arrested him.
It's all very fast, simple, and safe. The device will look for where ridges and lines end or if the ridge splits in two. These patterns are called minutiae. Dots, hooks, and bridges are all examples. The device recognizes at least 12-15 minutiae in order for it to be a match. The device is safe as well. No one has the same finger print. Just lay your finger down and you'll be in and out in no time!
Our purposed security plan is to implement a "Fingerprint Scanner Door Access System."
- Install on as few doors as possible to save money (since its just for after school purposes)
- Briefly explain how it works

How accurate is the scanner?
according to the FBI, accuracy is between 95-98%
accuracy is dependent upon factors such as gender and race and substances on the finger
Can it be Beaten?
Yes, it can be beaten. One way to bypass the system is to make some sort of mold like Japanese researcher, Tsutomu Matsumoto, did. He made a mold of the print and put a substance that they use in gummy bears. The system thought it was a finger and he got passed it. A more direct route is to simply cut off someones finger and just use that to unlock it. So don't put your finger in molds or let someone chop your finger off and you'll be good! Some fingerprint scanners you can put a piece of tape or paper with the print on it and they system will recognize the print not knowing it was not a finger. Our system does.
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Diagram of a finger print scanner
identity theft
fingerprint system can be easily hacked by hackers
can be stolen
fingerprints aren't always 100% safe, but with our company we try to make it as secure as we can
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