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Klara Gubacs-Collins

Implementing a tactical approach through action research

Lars Elbæk

on 1 February 2015

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Transcript of Klara Gubacs-Collins

Implementing a tactical approach
through action research

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the methods, selected findings and a discussion of an action research on implementing a tactical approach to teaching tennis in a pre-service teacher education setting
Klara Gubacs-Collins
Her self and students
Action research - 1. person
Self-reflective inquiry
(baseline study) planning, acting, observing, and reflecting
teacher educator’s self-reflection, pre-service teachers’ reflections, student interviews
and videotaped observations
Increased content knowledge
Learning to use the Q&A session occurred in a three-step learning continuum: imitation, rephrase, and dual-directional conversation
Experience was meaningful
questions challenged them cognitively
and provided feedback about their performance
I became a novice teacher again
Students as active learners
Development and change uncover ones knowledge and former learning
Final result - dialog based teaching
Asking instead of telling became an essential part of my learning to teach
Relearning (aflæring)
‘Apprenticeship of ones learning'
Habits according to a ‘drill-for-skill’ approach
Change from executing skills to understanding tactics as well as high activity ratios
Teaching environments that kept motivation and interest high
I learned to listen
A true collaboration was built among the participants of this study - because all were learning, I think
TGfU - teaching games for understanding
Combining tactical and technical aspects of games
studies conducted could not offer conclusive evidence to support TGfU over techniques-based instruction
Enjoyment, motivation
The ‘situated learning perspective’ (an authentic games context)
Maybe a more inclusive game concept
Team ball (IOB, SDU)
Students practice using a game-like drill designed by the teacher that is intended to improve their game play
Opgaveløsning, men ikke som sådan problembaseret
Constant comparison
Writing about the categories
Right by the book
If a student can learn by themselves and discover the answer, it is a lot easier to remember that answer or keep it with you than if someone else tells you. If someone from outside tells you, you may not grasp what exactly the answer is. Someone who learns by himself with guidance is more apt to do it again. (Final Interview)
Se også: http://www.montclair.edu/profilepages/view_profile.php?username=gubacsk
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