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Arisa Volume 1

7 Paged Book Report for Language

Shamsa Mohamed

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Arisa Volume 1

Predicitons and Recommendations Arisa This manga takes place in Tokyo, Japan. To be more specific this manga takes place at a bakery, school, the main characters house and a park. Setting: The characters in the book so far are.. The main character Tsubasa has a twin sister named Arisa. They do not live together due to their parent's divorce, so they communicate by sending to each other letters back and forth. When they finally reunite after three years, everything doesn't go so well. Arisa attempts suicide; luckily she survives and stays in a coma. Tsubasa is stunned because she thought she knew everything about her sister's life. Tsubasa must reveal the truth and decides to pose as Arisa undercover at her school. The only clue left behind is a note saying "Arisa Sonoda is a traitor." Plot so far... Author: Natsumi Ando Genre

The genre of Arisa is a mix of drama, mystery, psychological, romance, school life and shoujo (meaning a class of manga for an audience of girls) Tsubasa (Main Character) Arisa (The main character's twin sister) Takeru (Tsubasa's Good Friend) I have already read this book so here is what you have to know: When Tsubasa goes to Arisa’s school she finds out that a mysterious activity happens every Friday at period fourth called “King Time”. King Time is an activity where 2B (Arisa's class) goes to a room and every students has to type in a password to a secret site and text messages "The King" a wish. "The King" picks one wish to come true. Before students used to text friendly wishes for example "I hope I ace my math test today," but the wishes have gone from friendly to "Please make Todoroki-sensei disappear". Nobody knows who "The King" is but everyone treats him/her/it like a god and anyone who is against "The King" is hated by every student. Tsubasa knows that Arisa has something to do with this strange activity. Tsubasa's mission is to find out who"The King" is, what Arisa's had to do with it and why her twin sister tried killing herself.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes manga, mystery and drama. It is a very interesting, mysterious book and I guess that's why I love it! Number of Pages: 175 Pages Chapters: 4 long chapters Thanks for listening! Presented and made by: Shamsa Mohamed :)
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