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Axis Powers Hetalia

Talks about the anime Hetalia, the countries associated, and it's popularity.

Jasemine Jackson

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Axis Powers Hetalia

Axis Powers Hetalia Axis Powers Hetalia, or just Hetalia, is an anime based on the time period of both WW1 and WW2. Each country envolved during that era is personafied into sterotypical beings associated with each country. All countries are played as either the protagonist or the antagonist based on which time period is described at the time. The countries include in Hetalia are as follows: Italy Italy, or Feliciano Vargas, is personified as a pasta loving, free spirited airhead who is always clingy to Germany. His favorite past time is hanging with his friends and easy talking the ladies. Germany Germany, or Ludwig, is personified as "The Perfect German". With slick back blonde hair and blue eyes. He is known to be a tough leader and a pervert. He's strict and very involved in his military. He's the assumed leader of the Axis Powers and trains his comrades for battle Japan Japan, or Kiku Honda, is personified as an "Otaku Boy". He's quiet and tranquil, and always gives into favors. He is 1 of 3 members of the Axis Powers and a former subordinate to China. Japan is an expert in cooking and miniaturizing any man made objects. America America, or Alfred Jones, is personafied as a burger eating leader who knows what he wants and is a bit immature. He always wants to be the hero. He was taken care of by England before declaring independence. England England, UK, Britian, or Arthur Kirkland is personified at a tea drinker, a 'sailor mouth' , an imagineer, and a spell caster. He once took care of America as a child and abandoned Sealand. He was also once a pirate. Russia Russia, or Ivan Braginski, is personified as adorable and mysterious. There is more than meets the eye. He loves vodka and sunflowers. He is in charge over the Baltics. When he is angry, he chants a certain phrase: Kolkolkolkol... France France, or Francis Bonnefoy, is personafied as, a wine lover, a good cook, a sexual predator, and a person who appreciates everything beautiful. He took care of Canada and Seychelles China China, or Wang Yao, is personafied as superstitious, a great cook, and really loves cute things such as pandas and Hello Kitty. He is one of the oldest nations and took care of Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea as children. He is oftenly mistaken as a female. Other nations include: The Baltics Estonia Lithuania Latvia The Nordics (Scandanavia) Sweden Denmark Iceland Norway Finland Ukraine and Belarus Prussia, Gilbert Beilschmidt, Germany's older Brother Austria, Roderich Edelstein Switzerland and Liechtenstein Romano (South Italy) a.k.a. N. Italy's older Brother. (Lovino Vargas) Sealand, Peter Kirkland Canada, Matthew Williams, America's twim brother Greece, Heracles Karpusi Turkey, Sadık Adnan South Korea Egypt Vietnam Taiwan Hungary Poland, Lithuania's 'husband', Feliks Łukasiewicz Seychelles And there's even more!! Germania Here are some few clips of the craziness of Hetalia!! Rome Natalia "Natasha" Arlovskaya Cuba Belgium Holy Roman Empire Spain, Antonio Fernandez Carriedo Basch 'Vash' Zwingli
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