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In Cold Blood Prezi

No description

Sarah Ritchie

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of In Cold Blood Prezi

In Cold Blood By Truman Capote Murder The Murders(in order):
Herb Clutter:-Slit throat
-shot directly in the face
-Put on a matress box with a mangled body
Kenyon Clutter:- Shot directly in the face
-Tied to a couch
-Feet tied to neck
Nancy Clutter:- Shot in the side of the head
-Tucked into bed
-Hands tucked behind her head
Bonnie Clutter:- Shot in the side of the head
-Hands tied together in the praying position
-Eyes wide open Went to jail Twice on account
of theft. Met a man named Floyd Wells
who used to work for the Clutters and told
Dick that he thought there was a large safe
in Mr. Clutters office where he kept lots of
Money *Mother left him and his father when Perry was 5 and took all of his brothers and sisters with her
*Goes to school and gets bullied by almost every kid there
*Father told Perry to go join his mother but she rejected him and by the time perry got back to his father he had thrown his things on the curb and left him
*Joined the Marines as a teen
*On his way home one day he got into a motorcycle accident and broke both of his legs/ part of his hip which left him permanantley impaired
*Was married twice and divorced by his wife both times
*3 out of 4 of his sibbling commited suicide by the time he was 20 and both his mother and father passed on, so all that was left was his older sister
*Became extremely poor so had to steal for food which landed him in jail twice, one of the times in which he met Dick and was temporarily his cell mate
*Dick tells Perry of his plan and Perry agrees because he sees no more point in trying to meet anyones expectations Quotes: (Part one)

1. "Four shotgun blasts that, all told, ended six human lives." (Capote 4)

2."It is no shame to have a dirty face-The shame comes when you keep it dirty" -Barbara smith (Capote 142)

3."To be murdered. To be murdered. No. No. There's nothing worse. Nothing worse than that. Nothing. -Bonnie Clutter in Dewey's dream (Capote 154) Summary: (Part One)
*Town Of Holcomb
*Clutter Family(Nancy, Kenyon, Herb and Bonnie) *Richard (Dick) Hickock and Perry smith head out on the road towards Holcomb Kansas and the home of the clutter family after stopping at a supply store to buy "A flaslight, a fishing knife, a pair of leather gloves, rope and a hunting vest fully packed with shells" (Capote 22)
*Enter the house on november 15, 1959 and murder the entire family Summary: (Part two)
*Leave and go to Dicks house where his family is oblivious as to what has just happened
*Realizing that they must leave before they are caught they hitch hike their way to Mexico
*Chief investigator Dewey and a search party go through the clutter house looking for evidence but find nothing except for half of a shoeprint made in blood
*Interview many different suspects but still find no evidence, meanwhile Dick and Perry relax and enjoy life in Mexico, Perry is starting to have regrets "You know what i think? I think there is something wrong with us. To do what we did." (Capote 108) Summary: (Part three)
*Finally an old cell mate of Dick's reveals the story to investigator Dewey to tell him that Dick had always talked about having this secret plot to murder the clutters and take their money
*Thinking that there is no way that the detectives could still be on the case after 1.5 years, Dick and Perry return to Holcomb to get some money from Dick's parents.
*A few days after they arrive they are caught by the police and taken to jail
*Undergo intense questioning and investigation and the true murder is confessed
*Told that they are being sentenced to the death penalty
*Live for a year on death row before they are finally executed Quotes: (Part two)

4."She would have been seventeen." Perry lay sleepless in the dawn hours repeating that line over and over again in his head. (Capote 226)

5. I do not believe in capital punishment. i know it would be meaningless to apologize for what I did. Even inappropriate. But I do. I apologize. I never wanted them to die. -Perry Smith right before death sentence (Capote 340)

6. He remembered first meeting Perry in the investigation room, his small booted feet dangling from the chair not quite long enough to touch the ground. And when Dewey opened his eyes, that is what he saw: those same childish feet, tilted, dangling. -A minute or two after Perry Smiths' death sentence. (Capote 341) Your Turn! Suspect One: Leon, size 11 shoes, Male, Diabetic, Last Seen: Walking down a street towards the drug store holding a can of beer and an ipod Suspect two: Richard, Size 10 shoes, Male, Broken left leg, Last seen: Inside of a local hardware store carrying cables, a hammer, duct tape, nails, and 2 large wooden boards Suspect Three: Michael, Size 10 feet, Male, Frequent Pain in his legs and recieves constant migranes, Last seen in his office at a local Home depot. Often known to have outbursts of anger and confusion. Crime Scene! (Pay close attention!) Figure it out? It was suspect three! How do we know?
*Shoe size 10
*Baseball Bat had the suspects name on it (obviously not a smart murderer!)
*Medication on the table (It was asprin) In Cold Blood By Truman Capote What do detectives look for at a Crime Scence? 1.Photographs
2. Tool marks
3.Foot prints
4.Tire tracks
5.Hairs and fibers
6.Blood Samples
10. Etc.
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