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Clay Relief

Clay Relief

Katie Conger

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Clay Relief

Step One
Step Two
Clay Critique
Clay Relief Carving
Design Sketches
During my last week here
historical relief sculpture
Please include:
1. A 3x5 photo of the work you chose
Including a link to the image
2. One paragraph describing the work itself
(act like I can not see the work...
you need to paint the picture for me) Describe
the process and how the project turned out.

1. blue print:
your final idea to scale
**add as much detail as possible**
Pen and Ink

3. Include this step in your paragraph

telling me why and how you are going about your project
(or you can tell me verbally in class)
Important relief components:
1. fore-ground, middle-ground, and background
(two of the three required)
2. minimum of
different mark making techniques to show depth and or texture.
(So I want
3. 12" by 12"
4. 1/2" thick to cut/ carve into or 1/4" thick to add to.
5. Your Paragraph
(10 sentence min)
about your carving should be posted to the class blog page on my web-site when it is done. Telling me what it is about, what was challenging/easy, and how you feel it came out.
defined as....
Most Popularly Found in:
Some Examples
Low and High Relief:
...a sculptured art work in which figures are either carved into a level plane or, more typically, the plane is removed to create images sculpted on its surface without completely disconnecting them from the plane. It is therefore not free-standing or in the round, but usually has a background from which the main elements of the composition rise.
Famous examples of reliefs include:
1. Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone, South Dakota, high relief
2. Great Altar of Pergamon, now at the Pergamon Museum, Berlin, mostly high relief
3. Lions and dragons from the Ishtar Gate, Babylon, low relief
4. Temple of Karnak in Egypt, sunken relief
5. Bayon, Angkor showing Cham soldiers in the boat and dead Khmer fighters in the water
6. Stone Mountain relief to the Confederacy Angkor Wat in Cambodia, mostly low relief
7. The images of the elephant, horse, bull and lion at the bottom of the Lion Capital of Asoka, the national symbol of India (the capital itself is a full sculpture)
8. Glyphs and artwork of the Maya civilization, low relief
9. The monument to the Confederacy at Stone Mountain, Georgia
10. Borobudur temple, Java Island Java, Indonesia
11. The Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon, now housed at the British Museum, high and low relief
Greek and Roman Sculpture
Have to think about depth and form...
Where is the tallest part going to be
where is the clay going to be the shallowest

If you want to watch someone start a relief carving check this video out.


We will be looking at work from this trimester and our relief projects as a class.
We will be having a small critique of everyone's individual pieces.
Theme Ideas:
Outdoors Flora and Fauna
(plants and animals)
sport cars
monogram (letters plus detail)
re-vamp a historical work of art
make a relief for a local organization/ charity

relievo, (from Italian relievare, “to raise”)
12. Detail of a stone relief, Elephanta Island, India.
13. Meeting of Attila and Pope Leo, colossal marble relief by Alessandro Algardi, 1646–53; in St. Peter’s, Rome.
Column of Trajan, 113 AD
(138 feet tall)
Represents the victories of Emperor Trajan in preset day Romania
Early Christian Sarcophagus
Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus, 359 AD
Representing biblical characters. This was carved around the time Constantine and Christianity was becoming much more prominent in the Roman world
The band winding around is more than 600 feet long and there are more than 2000 figures represented on it.
Athena battling Alkyoneos, detail from the Altar of Zeus Frieze, 175 BCE
Part of a long frieze (400 ft long)
Had 100 carved people that were
larger than the actual people.

The battle of Zeus and the gods against the giants
Here we see, "Athena grabbing the hair of the giant Alkyoneos as Nike flies to crown her" (Civilization Collection).
Essay: 25pts
Paragraph 10 sentences :
a. description
b. artists
c. when and how it was made
d. influence own work
e.about their work
how they feel it came out
what was challenging
what was easy
what is it about
One 3x5 quality picture
Sketches/Ideas: 15 pts
-one final design chosen and drawn to scale (on a new piece of paper) then covered with pen and ink
Relief Carving: 70pts
12" slab

round or square ect..
made 1/2" thick to carve from or 1/4" to add to (but still using relief to add detail)
multiple carving techniques
multiple textures/designs
foreground and background

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