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Presentation about 'The Sniper' Story

This is about a presentation based on a story known as 'The Sniper'.

Erik Robinette

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Presentation about 'The Sniper' Story

About 'The Sniper' Big Civil War The Sniper The Sniper's Brother The story took place during the civil war that occurred
in Ireland. Most of the story's setting had something to
do with the war. The Man in the Turret During the story, there was a man that popped his head out from the turret inside the enemy armored vehicle that attacked the sniper. He was trying to kill the protagonist, so he was an antagonist. He has a flat description, the only thing that described him was that he was an enemy and that he was killed by the sniper. He is a static character, he dies quickly, and didn't change whatsoever, he was still hostile. The Informant During the story, it showed an old lady that ended up as
an informant and told her allies that the sniper was on
the rooftop. This revealed she was hostile to the
protagonist, making her an antagonist. Her description was flat, because she was a very little part of the story, one of the only parts that states her was the fact that she told the armored tank where the sniper was and the part when the sniper shot her. It did not describe her in any way. She is static, because she died as a hostile, yet that is all that basically described her. This character was the protagonist of the story. He is
a flat character, because basically the story just included him fighting off enemies using the rooftops and revealing that his brother fell to the enemy side. He is dynamic, because he fights without the feeling of sorrow in him, until he finds out the enemy sniper he killed was his brother. The enemy sniper was eventually revealed to be the sniper's brother. He was trying to kill the protagonist, his brother, making the enemy sniper the antagonist. He has a flat description, there is no part whatsoever that really describes him, except the fact he was trying to kill the protagonist and he was, at the end of the story, revealed to be the sniper's brother. He is a static character, because he dies as an enemy, he never changes. by Erik Robinette Person vs. society Person vs. society Person vs. society Person vs. society Person vs. person Person vs. person Self vs. self Person vs. person
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