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Lord of the Flies Activity

Role play

Mr. Riley

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Activity

Day 3
All you have are the clothes you're wearing, but your phones have no signal or 3/4G. You are isolated.
You also have no lighters or matches.
You've just been stranded on a desert island.
You have crashed with the other people who are on your table.

You need to assign roles for different tasks, with justifications as to why.
Firstly, who takes charge? What qualities do they have?
Day One
The sun is beating down on you, and you need to find water and shade.

Who is the toughest in your group? Why would they be best suited to forage for shelter and a source of water?

You also need somewhere to sleep. Who would be best at making this happen? Why?
Day 2
One of your group has woken up in the night, claiming they are hearing voices.
There is a chance you might not be alone on this island after all...

What do you do? Who decides and why?

Who might you send to the source of the noise to find out what is going on? Why?
You're at your wit's end.
Food is scarce, your water evaporating fast...
Then somebody remembers: the plane had an emergency food/water supply in the cargo hold.
Your group follows the 'scar' of destruction and eventually comes across the plane's tail, sticking out of the ground.
The food is there, all yours for the taking, except...
Island Activity
You realise the voices you'd heard in the night were the voices of the *rest* of your class, and had also decided to raid the plane's cargo.

As there is only enough food for one group, you decide on a vote.

Noone can vote for themselves.

All groups to pitch their island 'party', complete with policies, ideas and heads-of-state. Whoever gets the most votes, wins.
Reflect on the past three days in your 'diary'.

What's been the biggest dilemma? Why?

What role(s) have you been assigned and how do you feel about it?

What could possibly stop your group from taking the food? Why?
To explore the moral and ethical dilemmas of survival.

William Golding

'Lord of the Flies wouldn't work
if it were a group of girls that had been
stranded on the island..."
World War 2 ended in
. The United Nations was set up after the war to try to ensure that a global conflict never happened again, but in 1954, when Lord of the Flies was published, the threat of a nuclear war was still very real. It was entirely plausible to the novel's original audience that an atom bomb really could destroy civilisation.
William Golding was born in 1911. After leaving Oxford University, he worked as an actor, producer and writer, and then as a teacher in a boy's public school.
World War 2
Golding was lieutenant in the Royal Navy, in command of a small rocket ship. While carrying out his duties he ordered the destruction of German ships and submarines and he shelled German troops from sea during the D-Day landings.
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