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PSEF Alumni Newsletter- February & March 2014

No description

Rachel Schmitt

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of PSEF Alumni Newsletter- February & March 2014

Purdue Student Engineering Foundation
February & March 2014
Alumni Newsletter

February & March Recap:
We are all caught up in the middle of the spring semester. Needless to say, PSEF is back in the swing of things! Tours, and panels, and New Mems, oh my! We are back to basics with this Newsletter, so let's take a look at how PSEF is doing! You might recognize the bright faces of our New Mems that you read about on the Spring 2014 edition of The Couch. And
we have some exciting news to
bring you as well.... Check it out!
What’s New in PSEF?
If you are interested in donating to the PSEF Endowment Fund,
email Nate Schuster at nschuste@
In Other News...
Member Spotlight!
Happenings at Purdue
EXPO 2014
Stay tuned for the final Newsletter of the
2013-2014 school year!
Interested in being a MENTOR to
a current PSEFer?
Email Bret Holmes at bretholmes17@gmail.com
to pair up!
One More Time...
Team Spotlight!
YEAR: Sophomore
MAJOR: Chemical Engineering
HOMETOWN: Long Valley, NJ
COMMITTEE: Industrial Relations
YEAR: Freshman
MAJOR: Aero Engineering
Meet the Author...Rachel Schmitt
Member Development
The Roster!
Bennett Olson - Aero Kathryn Hagerty - Civil
Kathryn Reis - ChemE
Ryan Barker - ME
Peter King - ME
Bret Holmes - ME
Carly Klonowski - ChemE
Mark Oscai - EE
David Page - ME
What's the most common question you hear from prospective students?
Wow, you're from New Jersey?! What made you choose Purdue?!
That is something I am bound to hear every tour I give. It's the perfect segue into the part of the tour that I call 'The Warm & Fuzzies' which is where I discuss why I love Purdue and why they should love it too."
Guess what?!
OF COURSE YOU DO! Now let's get your company some exposure on campus.
You should contact our Industrial Relations Director, Kurtis Bergman (kbergma@purdue.edu). PSEF would love to host your company for an information session or recruiting event on campus.

We have done it before, and we're not afraid to do it again, so help us to help you!
Go ahead, send that email! You know you want to!
Here they are, this semester's New Mems!
- Brad Barnhart (BME from Concord, NC)
- Carly Klonowski (ChemE from Broadview Heights, OH)
- Andrew Leahy (AE from Seattle, WA)
- Kayla Martisek (CivE from Valparaiso, IN)
- Mark Oscai (EE from Orland Park, IL)
- David Page (ME from Indianapolis, IN)
- Kimberly Rink (AAE from Rochester, MN)
- Anna Searle (BME from West Lafayette, IN)
- Brandon Tran (BME from Bloomington, IL)
- Connor Turnipseed (BME from Woodbury, MN)
Kurtis Bergman is a PSEF junior in Chemical Engineering and the IR director. He proposed to Leah, his girlfriend of four years, under Purdue's Bell Tower on Tuesday, February 11th.
Kurtis said, "The first clue was on her apartment door, which began her scavenger hunt around campus for some treasure. I'd love to give a shout-out to Kim Rink and Riya Parikh, two PSEFers who helped get the proposal on camera!"

"We had planned on going to SkyZone for a few weeks, we were all pumped. We walk in and there are like a billion 12 year olds running around. The place is booked until 8pm! Long story short, we find a laser tag place nearby. We show up and it is a kind of rinky-dink place but we say, "what the heck". We have a blast!! We play there for nearly 3 hours. We then go to this Irish restaurant and eat dinner before driving back to campus. It was an awesome day, and what made it great was how we made a good situation out of a bad one!"
Alumni Spotlight!
HOMETOWN: Cedar Point, IA
GRADUATED: December 2013
MAJOR: Computer Engineering
- Vice President of Personnel 2010
- Vice President of Communications 2011
- President 2012
Kyle Loux
"Communication. From talking to prospective students to working with Exec to develop new plans, PSEF really taught me how to communicate effectively. That skill has been really beneficial in the workforce, especially in consulting when you have a lot of interaction with clients."
MD Lazer Tag event!!
PSEFers Kristen Hicks, Michael Wadas, and Emily Bartusiak heard the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra perform in Elliott on February 21st

March 7th -->
Kyle is currently a Technical Consultant with Acquity Group in Chicago.
What have you learned through PSEF that has helped you in your career?
Our most successful EXPO yet!!
406 students
from 23 schools
Out of This World! Space-themed egg drop capsule design competition
*No chickens were harmed in the taking of this picture...
The winners were from Hoosier Academies,
a first-time EXPO participant!
Four of their "astronauts" survived "re-entry"!
"Students had to consider the cost, weight, and safety of up to 5 egg 'astronauts' as they "returned to Earth" in the re-entry capsules they designed. There were rewards for returning all of their astronauts unscathed and penalties if any of them were injured. Teams were also judged on initial
design considerations
as well as short
presentations they
gave prior to testing
their capsule."
-- Katie Phillips,
2014 EXPO Director
Pancakes With PSEF
to celebrate
E-Week 2014!
PSEF Spring Retreat was held Saturday, March 8th!
We are gearing up for Relay for Life!!
Do you love PSEF...
Like a Minion loves bananas?!
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