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Causes of WWI

A brief graphic organizer explaining the causes of WWI

Mary Hunter

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Causes of WWI

Causes of World War I
Competition for overseas colonies created distrust among European nations
Germany entered the scramble for colonies late
Entering late meant there was little land left for Germany to claim
This also lead to the German thought that they had to fight to gain more land

1870 France Prussian War
Historical fight over this land
Both France and Germany wanted to Control this land
Controlled by Austro-Hungarian Empire
Serbians under A.H. control desired independence
A.H. Empire wanted to maintain control
Alsace Lorraine
The Balkans
Economic Competition
Due to German industrialization they sought raw materials and new markets
This lead to Germany seeking colonies
At this time land = power
All major nations competed in powerstruggle over colonies to prove their supremacy
Entangeling Alliances
Several alliance groups were formed for "protection & to prevent war"
Germany sought alliance with other European nations against France
Triple Alliance = Germany, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Italy
Triple Entente = France, Russia, England
Many of these European leaders were also related through royal bloodlines which created loyalty amongst them
Competition for dominance
This competition lead to nations creating super militaries to maintain power and protect their empire
Creation of Armies
New technology
New weapons were developed
Navy was important to the new world powers
New warships were developed
Conscription - the creation of a draft to create a permanent army
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