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Youth Employment Overview and Trends ASEAN Youth Forum

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Matthieu Cognac

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Youth Employment Overview and Trends ASEAN Youth Forum

Overview and Trends Youth Employment Young people are... 5.3 times more likely to be unemployed than adults Meanwhile... Global Trend Effects of
Youth Unemployment ILC 101
Resolution on Youth Employment Employment and economic policies 36 Million in Asia-Pacific 20% of ASEAN labour force Data is often not available and not analyzed Young people suffer from the lack of any form of orientation and career guidance Skills programs do not reach out to the most
vulnerable youth 600 million jobs are needed Education and Training Policies focused on Disadvantaged youth Entrepreneurship Rights for
young people ILO action Decent Work The way forward Growth and jobs strategies that establish clear youth employment priorities, objectives and measurable indicators Decent Work Knowledge Sharing apyouthnet.ilo.org The A-P YouthNet Low income Lower Middle income Upper Middle income 73 Million to be unemployed Entrepreneurship is not always presented as an option www.apyouthnet.ilo.org Up to 14 million children in the region may still
not be enrolled in school by 2015 High income Policy
measures Apprenticeships, skills training and
other work-training programmes Targeted youth employment action
through tripartite consensus and
time-bound action plans Employment services Multiple services for entrepreneurship, social enterprises and cooperation development Platforms for exchanging knowledge
and lessons of what works Comprehensive packages of
labour market measures targeting
specific groups of young people National Budgets that allocate appropriate resources for the implementation of the strategies Thank you cognac@ilo.org For more information:
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