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No description

Lizzie Stallings

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Amphibia

Amphibia By: Destiny Miles, Abby Hernandez, and Elizabeth Stallings Common Name: Amphibian Symmetry: Bilateral Amphibian Samples! Frogs
Class: Amphibia Order: anura dyeing dart frog: Dendrobates tinctorius red eyed tree frog: Litoria chloris
class: amphibia Order:Caudata Gas Exchange- gills remove oxygen from the water: external gills.
Circulation- blood pumps through the heart twice. Three chamber heart, and ensures vigorous flow of blood to the brain muscles and other organs.
Excretion- moist skin.
Digestion/Feeding- Takes in food from the mouth. Consists of stomach and intestines.
Reproduction- Sexually. When the mother lays the eggs the father immediatley fertilizes them.
Response to Environment- Nervous system is complex, and has attributes to facilitate both aquatic and terrestrial life.
Movement- front weak legs, and strong back legs. Northern Spring Salamander
Gyrinophilus porphyriticus porphyriticus
Special Characteristics include - Slits/Gills, Noto Cord, and Post Anal Traits. Cloaca - System: Urinary, reproductive, and digestive.
Function: To urinate, excrete sollid wastes, and to lay eggs.
Adaptations: All three systems combine and all empty through the cloaca. Typanic Membrane - System: Nervous
Function: to hear
Adaptation: inner, not an outer ear. Amphibia By: Abby Hernandez, Elizabeth Stallings, and Destiny Miles Common name: Amphibian Questions!
1. What is the amphibian symmetry?
2. Through Which System(s) does the cloaca function?
3. What is the tymphanic mambrane?
4. What is used for gas exchange?
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