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Cognitive Sports Psychology

No description

Tiffany Morisette

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Cognitive Sports Psychology

Cognitive Sports Psychology The Power of the Mind A Coach's
Decision Coaches determine the
outcome of games depending
on how they train their athletes before and after each one. Positive Reinforcement Negative Reinforcement Boosts confidence Encourage unwanted behavior
Promote defeatism and poor sportsmanship
Send mixed messages The 50/50 Rule Provides self-worth Provides a healthy mindset Good Teamwork Success Leadership Convergence Critical skills Attention Focus Concentration Memory Pattern recognition Visualization Willpower Too much positive reinforcement can: Promote cockiness Create a false sense of self-esteem Encourage prima donna behavior Positive reinforcement is good, however.... Cognitive psychology is the study of mental processes involving perception, learning, memory, and reasoning. Thesis

Cognitive psychology and sports are closely intertwined. Both positive reinforcement and constructive criticism from coaches have positive benefits on athletes' performance. There is a fine line between positive reinforcement and constructive criticism that is imperative for all athletes. The 50/50 rule promotes the best mind set for athletes such as. . . Coaches:
Praise athletes
Provide constructive criticism Athletes:
Work well with and support each other A Good Attitude is a Good Game Constructive Criticism Thank You For your time and consideration! Decreases will to improve Provides an excuse Too much negative reinforcement can: Allows coaches to improve athletes
Critiques players and their actions
Encourages athletes
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