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Justice, Righteousness, and Ministry

No description

Kristen Johnson

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Justice, Righteousness, and Ministry

Justice, Righteousness, and Ministry


Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Justice & Righteousness
1) Describe/define each one, as commonly understood. What comes to mind with each word, what connotations does each have, etc.

2) Would you say discipleship is connected to righteousness? In what ways? How about justice?

Old Testament: Justice

“justice” or “judgment”
Linked to the ideas of judging, governing, and bringing situations to appropriate resolution, restoring situationor environment to promote equity and harmony in community
Elizabeth Achtemeier: “that which is right in a legal sense is that which fulfils the demands of the community relationship, and the sole function of the judge is to maintain the community, to restore right to those from whom it has been taken.”

behavior that is required or called for based on the relationship between people or between people and God.

Living faithfully in each of the relationships in which you are placed; preserving peace and wholeness of whole community; fulfilling demands of communal and covenantal relationships

UP, IN, OUT: rightly and lovingly related to God, self, others, and larger world

Living with righteousness will lead to flourishing God intended for creation; justice is what needs to happen for righteousness to be restored in a situatin

Not-So-Deep Service
Makes us feel like savior who rescues broken

Often dehumanizes the receivers

Something we do for others
An event
Expects results immediately

Goal is to help others
Focuses on what our ministry can accomplish

Is serving food at local homeless shelter
Deep Justice
Means God does the rescuing, but he may work through united power of his great and diverse community
Restores human dignity by creating environment in which all give and receive
Something we do with others
A lifestyle
Hopes for results some time soon but recognizes that systemic change takes time
Goal is to remove obstacles so others can help themselves
Focuses on how we can work with others to accomplish even more
Means asking why people are hungry and homeless in first place AND then doing something abut it
Deep Justice in a Broken World
Clark & Powell
Throughout the Bible, the people of God are called to BE holy and righteous and to ACT with justice and active loving-kindness in ways that reflect the holiness, righteousness, justice, and active loving-kindness of God

As Jesus Christ fulfilled the Covenant and the Law, he embodied in the flesh the holiness, righteousness, justice, and active-loving kindness of God

In Christ and through the Spirit, we have become the holy and righteous people of God, restored to right relationship with God. We are to be set apart by the grace of God by which we love God and others with justice, righteousness, and active loving-kindness given to us by God Himself
New Testament
Jesus Christ: embodiment of justice and righteousness, of the way of life God intended

In Christ the justice of God was at work setting all things right, condemning evil by becoming one condemned in our place, reconciling all things

Note: justice and righteousness are different translations of same Greek word

Justice, righteousness, justification, and justify all come from the same Greek root (diakaio), English words do not capture these family ties (Romans 3 as example)

Read: Job 1:1-6, 29: 1-17
Psalm 106: 1-3
Isaiah 1: 15-27

Hendiadys (from Greek for one through two): in OT justice and righteousness together convey what we call social justice

Linked to the way of life God intends for God's people

God's people called to live as a reflection of God's own character of and heart for justice and righteousness
Shalom, Hesed, Holiness
: flourishing of all creation; God, humans, and rest of creation living together in harmony, wholeness, justice, and delight

: God's active love and faithfulness, mercy, steadfastness, loving-kindness, love in action; also call issued to God's people (Micah 6:8)

Holiness: set apart for a special purpose, refers both to God's character and to call upon God's people, God's holiness made known as One who draws near in hesed, righteousness, and justice (in relationship to Israel and in Christ)
The Church
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