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Halo 3 Comic Ep:1


Johann De Silva

on 1 February 2010

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Transcript of Halo 3 Comic Ep:1

Mark: Die you Elite. Elites are really bad at Halo. Max: No Spartans are really bad at halo. Phill: You Guys WHAT?? Phill: You people Have been arguing for 20 minutes. You are like black and white people, two different colors all great at different things but you are equal. So can we stop arguing over Elites and sparatans and just enjoy the game for what it is. Chad and Zack:
Yea you guys have arguing been for a long time just enjoy the game. Mark and Max: Wow it is much more fun when we don't argue.
Max: It doesnt matter what we look like but it matters how we play. Zack: Now lets get this game started. THE END
Credits EP1: The Argument
Made By: Johann De Silva
JCP ( Johann Comic Production)
Used Prezi, Halo 3 photos,
Actors Phill:Johann,
Chad: Chad Walldorf,
Zack: Zack Martin
1st one is not that good
Thanx To My self and JCP
Phill Zack Chad Special Guests Mark Ross Episode 1: The Argument Characters
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