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Greek Heroes

No description

Mohamed Sharif

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Greek Heroes

Who Were The Literary Heroes Of The Time Period? What Were The Common Traits Of The Heroes? Born An Unusual Birth or Born Into Royalty. Extraordinary Talents At A Young Age. One Example Is When Hercules Strangled Two Snakes In His Hands To Save His Life. Heroes Need Great Strength And Potential. Odysseus Was Favored By The Gods Which Is A Sign Of A True Hero. How Did The Heroes Reflect The Culture They Represented? Hospitality Loyalty Intelligence Ancient Greeks Were Hospitable Even When They Did Not Want To Be. They Offered Food, Shelter And Protection To Travelers Without Question. It Was Unknown Whether Ancient Greeks Were Hospitable Due To Their Fear Of The Gods Or Whether They Were Simply Doing Their Cultural Duties. Loyalty Is The Most Inspiring Value Of Ancient Greek Civilization. Loyalty Was Put Into Everything The Heroes Did. They Believed In Loyalty Into The Family, The Community And Most Importantly To The Gods. The Gods Of Ancient Greek Often Sent Tests To The Heroes And Maintaining Faith Through The Tests Was A Sign Of Loyalty And Belief. Although It Wasn't A Requirement For Women During Ancient Greek, Men Were Required To Go To School And Learn. Boys Were Taught At Home Till The Age Six, Then They Were Sent Off To School. It Was Important For Future Heroes, Because They Took Citizen Training. Citizen Training Prepared Greek Boys For Two Important Parts Of Their Lives, Which Were Peace And War. Greek Heroes Hercules Achilles Perseus Jason Theseus Odysseus Perseus There Was Hercules, Perseus, Achilles, Theseus, Jason, Odysseus And Many More. Sites I Used http://www.ehow.com/info_8447171_values-ancient-greeks-value-highly.html


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