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How do plants prevent soil erosion

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Wamiq and Daniyal

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of How do plants prevent soil erosion

The two main factor in soil erosion are wind and water.
The roots of plant hold the soil in place and thawarts attempts to wash it away.

Soil erosion is a natural process but it can become a major issue if it is caused by mankind.
Mankind Causing Soil Erosion
The nutrient rich top soil is inevitably the first part of soil to be eroded and once this is gone,very few plants will grow or can be cultivated in this soil.
Nutrients rich top soil
This will lead to desertification and it is nigh-on impossible to restore this land
They depend on environment to which they will be planted.
Depend on environment
Present soil erosion
The faster either moves the more soil erodes.
Soil erosion
Protection of soil
How do plants prevent soil erosion
How do plants prevent soil erosion
Good plants to present soil erosion are ferns,pennsylvancia sedge and hellebours.
Plants protect the soil and in their absence wind and water can do much more damage.
Made by
Wamiq & Daniyal

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