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An Introduction to Macbeth by William Shakespeare

No description

Allison Wall

on 26 March 2012

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Transcript of An Introduction to Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Intro The Curse of Macbeth The Rippers= Mastectomy Nobility Crime
Violence Commoners begging poaching fraud adultery theft treason blasphemy murder spying rebellion Ingredients of a witch:
was a woman
partnered with the devil
communicated with the dead
caused illness or death
saw into the future
flew through air and became invisible
caused natural disasters
appeared unfeminine based on standards of the time
used animals aka "familiars" as servants Witches 1st witch has a cat
named Graymalkin 2nd witch has a toad named Paddock 3rd witch has
a raven
Harpier Elizabethans were very superstitious! Ex. An owl was an omen of death. Some say there's black magic written into the witches' incantations...which leads to... Murder
Regicide torture Many of these crimes are
in the play... They also believed in a natural order of things
known as ... If this order was disrupted, like a house of cards,
order collapsed, and CHAOS ensued. causes such chaos.
He begins as a hero,
but through his own
HUBRIS, falls. It is man's morality that distinguishes him from a beast
In the beginning, Macbeth shows courage in war and is considered a hero
But he falls prey to his pride and ambition, becoming a tragic hero.
His fall parallels the fall of all mankind through original sin.
A tragic hero is a literary character of great statute whose moral defect leads to tragedy, but also some self-awareness. In the play, the witches (aka Wyrd Sisters),
are instruments of fate. Wyrd means fate.
Lady Macbeth is often considered a witch
too. Without, further adieu, The Pear=
Broken jaw Fate is a fixed destiny, whereas fortune is another
word for chance.

The ancient view of human affairs often refers to
the Wheel of Fortune, according to which, life was
somewhat of a lottery.

One could rise to the top and enjoy a charmed life,
but just as easily and unexpectantly, one could and
indefinetly would come crashing down. The three Fates of ancient Greek mythology are:
1. Clotho: spun the thread of destiny, determining the time of birth of an individual
2. Lachesis: measured the thread length to determine the length of one's life
3. Atropos: cut the thread, deciding one's death Ducking=
drowning The violence of Elizabethan society
is further evident in the witch hunts
and torture techniques.
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