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Ender's Game Plot Diagram

No description

Siri Potluri

on 20 December 2014

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Transcript of Ender's Game Plot Diagram

Rising Action
Falling Action
Ender starts his final test of Command School. He is up against an army that is ten thousand times the size of his own fleet. He destroys the army's fleet and planet. After the battle, Ender figures out that the simulation is real. He is devastated because he killed many people.
At the end of the novel, Valentine and Ender go to different worlds to find a place where the buggers can live again.
The novel begins in the future where two children are allowed in each family. The Wiggin family is granted a Third . The government hopes that Ender Wiggin, the Third, will be the one to save humanity from the buggers. The story begins with Ender getting his monitor off. The monitor allows the government to observe Ender's actions. The reader is introduced to Ender's older siblings Valentine, who is compassionate, and Peter, who is ruthless. His siblings have a significant role in Ender's life.
Ender's Game Plot Diagram
The government decides that Ender Wiggin has the intelligent mind and bold character to become a commander. Ender is sent to the Battle School by Colonel Graff.
Ender travels with Graff into space where the Battle School is located. He is introduced to his launch group and becomes familiar with the Battle Room. The Battle Room is where two armies fight against each other using lasers in zero gravity.
He becomes friends with Alai and Shen and starts to get comfortable with the lifestyle. Colonel Graff then transfers him to the Salamander Army where he meets Bonzo and Petra. Bonzo is harsh and unfair toward Ender because he doesn't allow him to fight in the Battle Room. Petra befriends Ender and helps him learn how to fight. While he is in the Salamander Army, he helps and trains his friends in his launch group. Bonzo transfers Ender to Rat Army where he befriends Dink. As time progresses, Ender is top in the rankings and is a toon leader in Rat Army.
Ender becomes a commander of Dragon Army and is given inexperienced soldiers. He trains the boys, and he is soon given multiple battles a week. Every battle he plays, he never fails no matter how challenging it is. Ender becomes angry with the command because he is given no rest and pushed to the limits. He wants to give up and go home.
Ender is sent back home to remind him what he is fighting for. He finally meets Valentine after many years, and she convinces him to go back and fight for humanity.
Because of his many achievements in Battle School, Ender is transferred to Command School where he meets Mazer Rackham. Everything revolves around a battle simulation which involves simulated spaceships. Ender is reunited with his friends at Command School. Ender practices and improves for almost a year.
After the Third Invasion, Valentine meets Ender at Command School, and she convinces him to go with her to colonize in the bugger world.
Ender finds a place on the bugger world created for him. It was created to give a message which asked Ender to find a world where the buggers could live and thrive again. He was given a pupa containing the last remaining bugger queen.
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