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how many lebron james it take to get down the basketball court

i choose this becouse lebron james is verry tall and , its seem good..

takey johnson

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of how many lebron james it take to get down the basketball court

The length of Lebron James vs,
the length of the
NBA basketball court the NBA basketball
court is 50ft wide
and 94ft long. FIRST FACT
I'm guessing it will take 501,
Lebron James to get the length
of the basketball court. so that's
what i want to figure out. Lebron James=6ft NBA basketball court=94ft 1 basketball court 94ft 1lebron 6ft i figured this out by dividing 94ft
in to 6ft, 94 6 94 6 6 94 my solution was it will take 15.6
Lebron James to get down the basketball court. i'm not smart but i

wrong booboo THE END
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