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How to Start a Cult; a Look Into Scientology

No description

Katie Knox

on 23 January 2016

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Transcript of How to Start a Cult; a Look Into Scientology

How to Start a Cult;
A Look Into Scientology

L. Ron Hubbard's Obsession; Syfy
Step one : Pick an obsession
you can form a cult around any thing
Pick something you are passionate about
A topic that change life for the better

boy scout
scholar at GWU

=Science Fiction writer, 140 stories

“Most Published Works by One Author”, “Most Audio Books Published for One Author”, “Most Translated Author in the World”, and "Most Translated Author, Same Book"

Step two: Choosing an object to worship
Choose something you can be devoted to
ex: Ravioli, Cheese, Star Wars, Kardashians
Connect it to the rest of your life
source of life
trapped in MEST
Step Three: Make sure it benefits others (or at least seems to)
increase spirituality, decrease "spiritual disabilities"
Make sure the world will be better if you worship this object
ex: Ravioli, Birkenstocks, Scooby-Doo
"Celebrity Centre"
promised success
Step 4: Learn as much as you can
Make sure you're informed on the beliefs

Step 5: Choose a leader

L. Ron's "Education"
Most cults have single leaders

Choose a leader who is charismatic, and Manipulative

L. Ron and Sea Org
Step 6: Establish rules/ guidelines
Scientology from L. Ron's Dianetics
Sea Org, secrecy
Decide on the ultimate goal of the cult

How will you change lives?

ps: don't mention its a cult
Step 7: write sacred texts
Self publish your teachings

Keep them vague and open to interpretation ( for later ;))

Make them as profound as possible and easy to read

church's portrayal
Sequoia University
Step 8 : find a place to worship
Church of Scientology
goals of church
reality: dense, speculative
Scientology Practised
Find a quiet place out of the public eye

auditing--private, secretive
walk-through, open weekdays
Step 10: Gain followers
Dont mention the extremes

Friends are a good place to start
Step 11: Your ideas are the only true ones
Tell the world your ideas are the only way

Be as manipulative as possible

Preach and Believe
Step 12: Community outreach
Give the community free stuff

Create criteria for who you accept

never published
"the Book"
First Followers
Live-in son
Hostility of the Church
psychiatry = evil
possible blackmail
Scientology Bait
fudged numbers--on the rise
personality test
free test
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