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Personal Branding via Social Media

No description

irena efremovska

on 27 November 2011

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Transcript of Personal Branding via Social Media

Before we start there is
one thing you need to know! You are a CEO! Now we can start! Personal Branding?
w00t? Why? How? Personal branding is the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands.
Personal branding is basically the way you market yourself to the world. Your personal brand is what other people think of you You're every bit as much a brand as
Nike, Coke, Pepsi, or the Body Shop Everyone, EVERYONE needs to start thinking about their personal brand. It’s no longer an option. It’s a necessity (GaryVynerchuck 2010) Welcome to the REPUTATION Economy!
How much are you worth? CEO of your life! 15.1 Million the number of people that lost their work during the recession [Bureau of labour statistics] Job security is decreasing. In the virtual economy you compete
with people from everywhere. Competition is increasing 80% The % of Job seekers that are being researched online.
70% are rejected due to info found online!
[Microsoft survey 2010 ] Employers don't hunt any more!
They are being hunted! 'Hello Ian Rechenthal, You googled youself – That's fun.
As much fun as hiring me, I promise'. Your greatest asset in the new world of work
is your Personal Brand. Are you ready to
compete with this? Over 500 million users,
(over 50%) who log in every day Your potential employees,
and business partners are on Facebook 12 x 12 x 12 1. Choice of Profile Picture! 3 career killer Facebook Photos! Your Groups, Likes, Tags
speak! Use Facebook for
Professional Networking! Create a Prefessional List! Share relevant information Join relevant Groups and Discussions Create a Group or a Page related to
your Passion/Interest! 1. Endorsement power
2. Closes the 6 degree of separation to 1! How to use Twitter?
1. Write Targeted bio 2. Customize your background To share or not to share? 3. Engage Your Community
- Use hashtag (#) If you think of yourself as a brand,
you have to manage yourself like a brand. #tags
#keywords 4. Find a Job on Twitter
- Make a Target list
- Use @MicroJobs
- @Tweetmyjob tweeted 41,223 jobs
in the last 24 hours & 1,519,984 in the last month 1. Optimize your profile 2. Get Recommendations CV with QR? 4. Advanced Company search
http://goo.gl/LE4hw The Web 2.0 Résumé Don't unlock your overshare badge
visiting the 10th pub in a night. ---> Begin with a résumé! <---
Then define what social media tools will best serve to promote your brand and employability. LinkedIn? Twitter? Facebook? Do you need an online portfolio to showcase images of your work? DOs & DON'Ts
when liking groups or choosing quotes DON'T

I am Sarcastic Because You are an Idiot (44,400 people Like this) DO
Inspiring, motivational and thought provoking Steps in Personal Branding... 1. Discover your Brand! The 1st Brand Management Question:
What is it that my product or service does that makes it different? What makes you a Purple Cow? Find your passion and monetize it!

Two essential questions:
1. Is technology, sustainability, candy making my
biggest passion?

2. Am I going to be the best blogger for technology, sustainability, candy making? #Winning Step 2:
Express your Brand Choose your platform
- Blog
- Video blog [Vlog]
- Photography
- Audio Podcasts
- Sketches
- ... Step 3: Engage with Social Media Follow your DNA When to start working on
your Personal Brand? How to use social media to build your Brand? Optimize your Profile! Welcome to the Reputation Economy!
How much are you worth? Your hidden treasure:
The F Factor
- Friends
- Fans
- Followers Thank you for your time.
And DO share!
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