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Beauty and the Beast

No description

caitlin romaniello

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast The story starts in a faraway land with a selfish prince that only cares about himself. One nighe an old woman came to the prince's castle and offerd him a rose in return for shelter. Of course only caring about himself, the prince turned down the woman twice.
Then the woman turned into and enchantress, and cast a spell on the prince and the whole castle and the only way it could be broken is if someone loved the beast before he turned 21. In a nearby village, there was a girl named Belle, who lived with her father, Maurice, who was an inventor. Then one day, Belle's father was on his way to a fair to show off his new invention, and got attacked by wolves and ran into the Beast's castle. Then the beast came and locked him in him in his dungeon. Belle came and offered herself to the beast in exchange for her father. The beast accepted and told her that it was her own home and she could not go to the west wing. Curiosity gettin the best of her, Belle went to the forbidden west wing. She tried to escape but the beast cought up. While growing a love for each other, the beast asks Belle if she is happy with him. she replies with a yes, but she also wishes to see her father. At her house , she notices the towns people at her house trying to take her dad away because he is talking about the beast. She then says that he is not crazy and that he is telling the truth . Then Gaston and the Beast get in a fight. After throwing Gaston off of the roof, belle comes to the beasts side and tells him that she loves him. Then at that very second, the beast is changed back into his normal form. Belle broke the curse! Then they lived happily ever after!
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