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the work

No description

jack denham

on 20 April 2012

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Transcript of the work

technolgy and the future A watch with a laser on it? Not Practical, but I’m sure you’ll find it in everyday use. 007 GADGETS Rings that can shatter bullet proof glass at a twist. A jet pack, for the business man, to get to work on time. Even X-ray glasses for the shop keeper to keep an eye on those youths exiting his shop. robots Robots might already be here and especially if you have read my review “Robots taking over the world.” But today a robot’s limits are only to its creator and whatever its master wants. work is here flying cars Since Moller released its “Sky Car M400X,” in 2003, it has failed to succeed. But this has only opened the door to new technology! Currently, there exists various patented, “Flying Cars”, but, again have failed to “take off” (No pun intended). teleportation Ever heard of Quantum Teleportation? Now this is in progress at present and consists of transporting one entity to another geographical location. This may seem impossible but scientific research has found this is quite conceivable indeed
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