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No description

Kate N

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of Omar

DAY BEFF! HEY BEF! HERE'S US! And here we are
again! You take care of Hobbers and Hans und Frans... Flip too! and even Turn-Turn There's also Mike, Ben and Alex, Weo, Ken, And even lost children! AWEE :P You come to basketball
games! And set a good example
for everyone! You make yummy food and then go to more games you make Easter eggs... and Easter baskets! then you paint the house! you host dinners, and wash the dog You let us sleep
when we need to sleep, and be crazy when
we need to be crazy! you let me plant my
own flower pot every
year! and let me take
violin lessons! You even let Ken skateboard and build
fun boxes and such :D You put up with
kevin and I... And have fun with everyone! You always plant a
garden! And vaccuum
the House! I just thought this was super-cute, But so are You!!! :D SOOOOO: I LOVE YOU!
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