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Parish,Piper 6 Trouble Dont Last

No description

Lorna Barth

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Parish,Piper 6 Trouble Dont Last

By: Shelly Pearsall Trouble Don't Last The Run Away Widow Taylor Harrison (an old slave who took care of Samuel after his mother was sold) took Samuel out of his bed one night and ran off with him. Master Hackler, Samuel's mean master, was looking for them at the tree where they were hiding along with Lilly. Lilly is Samuel's other gaurdian with Harrison. Still As a Tree Samuel got Harrison and himself lost when he ran away from an animal that was chasing him in the forest. Night Scare The River Man Piper Parish Samuel and Harrison found the Ohio River and a man, who was also a slave runaway, helped them cross the river with a small boat. A women named Lucy Taylor found Harrison and Samuel and let them stay in her cellar where she gave them supper and suplied them with blankets. Ham, Eggs, and Mrs Kettle Harrison and Samuel slept in a church where a women named Mrs Kettle, her husband Ham and their dog Eggs disguised them so patrollers wouldn't recognize them on their walk to Canada. Green Murdock On their walk to Canada, Samuel and Harrison stopped at Green Murdock's house, ate supper and slept there. Harrison's bad luck Harrison caught the lung fever from being in the wet and cold climate too long. Harrison's Comeback A few days after Harrison got sick he started to eat more and more and could talk. Harrison survived his fever. The Journey's End Harrison and Samuel made it to Canada where they found Samuel's mother, Hannah, free.
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