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Equivalent Fractions


Sam Schneider

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions Number of Red Fish: 2 Identifying equivalent fractions: Number of Total Fish: 10
1 5 ___ 1 ___ 5 Try writing two fractions that are equivalent to: Writing Equivalent Fractions 6 8 _ 1. Write a fraction to describe the number of blue pieces of candy 2. Multiply to find an equivalent fraction.
3. Divide to find an equivalent fraction.
4. Is the fraction from Step 4 in simplest form? Write the fractions in simplest form: Try these: 2 7 15 8 It's already in simplest form! 7 15 15 26 _ _ _ _ Info:
Equivalent fractions represent the same part to whole relationship.
A fraction is in its simplest form when the numerator and denominator share 1 as their
Flip Book Material: Example(s):
Simply write an example from your notes that you've already seen. Possible Test Question:
"Tell whether the following fractions are equivalent:


no Homework:
Worksheets pg. 45 and 46.
Do only the circled problems.
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